Top Destinations on an InterRailing Trip

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Best Places to See and Things to Do

InterRailing in Western Europe

The most common stop over on an InterRailing trip is the city of amour, Le Paris! With historic buildings, and more attractions than you can shake a baguette at, it is the perfect first stop to ease you into your adventure. Climb the Eiffel tower, awe at the Notre Dame and enjoy a croissant at a street cafe.

Interrailing in Paris

Amsterdam is another place which can’t be missed, and rates 8th on our Top 10 InterRailing experiences. It may have a reputation as a city of sin, made up of brothels and soft drugs, but there is more to this cosy town. There are cafes to try the traditional cold apple pie, bicycles to rent and cycle through town, canal boats to ride, and if the weather is hot enough you can head to one of Amsterdam’s beaches.

Lastly, a trip through Central Europe wouldn’t be complete without a schnitzel, stein and fetching Lederhosen. You can use your time in Germany to brush up on your WWII history, and have a somewhat sobering experience as you touch what is left of the Berlin Wall or walk around the grounds of the long-gone Nazi rallies held at the Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg.

InterRailing in Southern Europe

Enjoy warmer weather and exotic foods in the south of Europe. Head to Barcelona for warm beaches or take in the incredible Gaudi architecture. If you want to travel inland then Madrid offers an array of restaurants to try the local tapas, and a visit to the vast Plaza Mayor square is a must. Finish by heading to Italy, take a Gondola through the canals of Venice, or stand in line for the beautiful Sistine Chapel in Rome.

InterRailing in Central Europe

The historic and medieval towns of Central Europe make this region an ideal place to take a walk through history.  Croatia is one of the most diverse places to explore, with streets similar to Italy’s Florence in Dubrovnik, sailing trips to Hvar Island off the coast of Split and the chance to strap on those hiking boots and explore the incredible clear waterfalls of the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

To experience some mountain scenery, head to the scenic city of Ljubljana in Slovenia and walk across the unique Triple Bridge. Complete your Central European voyage by discovering the up and coming city of Budapest, the European Union’s largest city. If you plan your trip well enough, you can aim to be in Budapest in time for Szget Festival, a massive seven day festival in this beautiful Hungarian city.

InterRailing in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is the budget backpacker’s dream, with everything here costing much less than the rest of Europe. Wander around Warwel Castel in Poland’s oldest city, Krakow, see a mix of old and new at the Czech Republic Dancing House in Prague, and awe at the incredible buildings of Bucharest in Romania. Even though these countries are so cheap, you’ll find yourself spending most of the time walking around to look at their incredible buildings, especially if you’re a keen photographer.

InterRailing in Scandanavia

One the other end of the spectrum is Scandanavia, where your euro becomes Krona and everything gets a lot more expensive. You can travel to the university town of Aarhus in Denmark and get an amazing vantage point of the entire city from the Rainbow Panaroma at the ARoS Art Gallery, go on a shopping trip in Stockholm and visit quirky shops for unique gifts, or take on the Fjord hike in Norway and dare to dangle your feet over the Trolltunga.