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Multi-Country Trips

Trips Within Particular Regions

If you’re thinking of travelling to a few countries in one go in a particular area, you’re on a multi-country trip. You’re not necessarily going around the world, but you are travelling around within an area to see as much of a region as possible.

Multi-Country Trips in Europe

Multi-Country Trips in Europe

Multi-Country Trips in Asia

Multi-Country Trips in Asia

Multi-Country Trips in South America

Multi-Country Trips in South America

Multi-Country Trips in Africa

Multi-Country Trips in Africa

For years gappers have been going to South East Asia and country hopping around there, thanks to the rock bottom prices and ease of getting around. Typically they could start in Thailand before crossing the borders to Cambodia and hopping over to Vietnam before moving on to Malaysia and Indonesia. This multi country trip is one of the most popular itineraries around.

Country hopping in Central America is another top option, although can be a little more expensive, while InterRailing around Europe is a great, relatively eco friendly way to see a few different countries in one go.

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Popular Trips

Popular Multi-Country Trips

Planning a gap year can be a difficult business. How do all these countries fit together? What’s the best way to get from A to B, via C? Just relax and be safe in the knowledge that the routes I’m about to list are so popular that millions of people have done them before, and millions will continue to do so after you. They’re tried, tested and ruddy awesome, which is why they’re also so popular, take a look...

South East Asia Loop

Angkor Wat in Cambodia

As I’ve said, the route from Thailand to Cambodia to Vietnam to Laos is literally one of the most popular in the world. You can weave between the countries easily thanks to the extensive bus, train, plane and boat network. Even the most unstreetwise and lacking sense of direction will be able to navigate this trip. Some people may spend a month hopping country to country after just a week, while others take their time and these four countries form the whole of their gap year, it’s really up to you.

Indian Subcontinent by Rail

India is big, we mean real big, and when you add Pakistan and Bangladesh into the mix to make up the Indian Subcontinent we’re talking a good few months of travelling to make the most of it. Choose this area for your multi country trip and you’ll be exposed to more smells, sights and sounds than you ever thought possible.

Australasia by Road

And if you thought India was big, you need to get your ruler out on the map of Australia. The country is huge, 2.97 million square miles in fact. It would take more than 40 hours of non stop driving to go from East to West straight and 45 hours from South to North. Bring New Zealand into the equation, which is just a short flight away, and Fiji, a boat ride away, and you’ve got yourself a great multi country trip in Australasia.

InterRailing in Europe

Interrailing in Europe

Bag yourself an InterRailing ticket and you can see tens of countries in one fail swoop. For less than £400 you can buy yourself freedom into the world of Europe, enjoying the Swiss mountains in the morning and the Italian gelato by afternoon. InterRailing is a great way to get around a few countries in quick time.

Overlanding in Africa  

Overlanding across Africa is one of the coolest and craziest things you can do. You’ll be exposed to so many different ways of living, an infinite amount of people and some awesome wildlife too. Make sure you fit in some camping too, to really get a taste of life in the wilderness of Africa. Check out the safaris in the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, and the Mundulea Reserve in Namibia, they’re incredible. By overlanding you’ll get to see so much more, and you’ll feel the burn from the bumps in the roads too, trust us!

Off the Beaten Track

Multi-Country Trips: Off the Beaten Track

If you’re looking for something a bit mad to do in a destination, maybe a bit gimmicky, take a look at these off the beaten track multi country trips to pursue.

Horse Trekking in Central Asia

Horse trekking in central Asia

Now if you want a challenge, this is a great one to go for. Central Asia has some rough terrain, extreme weather, and more than a few strict border controls. But, as you cross Mongolia, China and Kyrgyzstan the scenery and adrenaline rush will make it all worth it.

Adventure though South America

With the Death Road in Bolivia, the Amazon rainforest cruises and the Inca trail in Peru for starters, South America is pretty much the home of adventure. If you’re looking for thrills and excitement book a multi country trip in this region, you can always finish the day off with a delicious steak and tasty Argentinian wine.  

Trans-Siberian Rail

The Trans-Siberian Rail takes you fromLondon via Moscow to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. It’s the longest railway in the world and along the way you’ll see the unique history, scenery and culture that makes up this crazy experience. Thanks to the size of the country, traversing Russia by rail is the best way to see the country in a short amount of time.

Exploring the Middle East

Petra in Jordan

The Middle East is an absolutely fascinating part of the world. Many fear it thanks to the recent and current wars there, but plan your trip wisely and it’ll be an awesome and unforgettable trip, that’s for sure. Make time to visit Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Syria at the very least.

Island hopping in the South Pacific

Tahiti, Bora Bora, Odaiba, Maui, Vanuatu – all bring images of stunning beaches and sexy waters to mind. Why not splash the cash (you’ll definitely need some) and visit these top South Pacific Islands for your multi country trip? Spend the days surfing, the evenings on the cocktails and the nights listening to the soft splash of the waves – sounds lush hey?