Travel Through Asia on your Gap Year

Discover Asia

Travel through Asia on your gap year and if time permits you will have the opportunity to experience slow travel at its best. With a range of timely and convenient ways to travel overland across some great countries, Asia is the ultimate multi country trip destination.

Get your backpack on and discover the highlights of South East Asia travelling through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. Due to recent development, tourists are now even welcome in Myanmar or with a short (and most of the time cheap) flight you could land in bustling Manila, hub to transport links for the beautiful Filipino islands. Discover the best of India and Nepal, two neighbouring countries with an abundance of spectacular sights between them. Or adventure across to North East Asia where the sights and smells of Russia, China, North Korea, South Korea and Japan are waiting for you.

Asia has to be one of the easiest places to experience a multi country tip so make sure to travel through Asia on your gap year. You won’t regret it.