Travel Through South America on your Gap Year

Discover South America

Travel through South America on your gap year and discover the sights and sounds of this amazing continent. Travelling through South America is becoming increasingly popular with gap year travellers and there are a million reasons why this is so. Many countries are amazingly affordable to eat, drink and sleep in and they also offer totally unique sightseeing.

Take Bolivia for example. A five-day trip could see you take in the colonial architecture of La Paz, Lake Titicaca - the largest lake in the world, the wonder of the Bolivian Salt Flats, cycle Death Road- the most dangerous road in the world and unearth the mining culture of the city of Potosi. With so much to see and do in just that one country a multi country trip in South America should be taken with a generous time frame in mind so to discover all of its charm.

It would be a crime to travel to South America and just stay in the same place. Friendly locals welcome you everywhere you go and there’s always a party to be had somewhere. Take part in a multi country trip in South America on your gap year, you won’t regret it.