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Tying up Loose Ends Before You Go

Your actual ticket is just one of the essential items you need to tick off before you embark on your round the world trip. You also need to be thinking about what visas you need (if any), getting some travel insurance, vaccinations and what travel kit you’ll need.


Getting the right travel visa

It is absolutely vital to have the correct visas organised before you leave. A visa is a document – usually in the form of a passport stamp – which allows you to enter a country. There are many different types of visas and different ways in which to get them.

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Travel insurance

Travel insurance

We cannot stress enough the importance of having travel insurance. Even the most basic healthcare abroad can cost hundreds of pounds – for more serious ailments you’ll be looking at tens of thousands – and if you don’t have insurance to cover you then you can kiss goodbye to your gap year and could well end up making your family bankrupt. No joke.

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Get the right vaccinations before you travel

Some parts of the world – particularly tropical areas like South East Asia – are home to some rather nasty diseases. It’s unlikely that you’ll contract one but it pays to be safe, and one of the ways you can do this is to have relevant vaccinations before you travel.

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Travel kit

Take the right travel kit

Working out exactly what travel kit to take can be tricky at best, maddening at worst. Over the years we have been slightly obsessed with working out packing essentials and as such have an enormous amount of information and advice. The below is a good place to start.

A- Z of Backpacking Essentials



Okay, the obvious one, but you wouldn’t believe how many people get to the airport only to find their passport is out of date. Not much fun, we can assure you. Most countries will require a minimum of six months validity on your passport before they’ll allow you to enter.