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Planning Your Gap Year Route

The first thing to remember when planning your round the world route is that practically anything is possible. We can get you from A to B to Z and back again, so if you can’t find the route you have in mind advertised on site just contact us and we’ll tailor make you something – one of the many things we specialise in.

Once you have your destinations in mind, planning your route will become much more straightforward. The key thing to remember is that your route must follow a logical geographical direction: for example if you want to visit Dubai, Mumbai, Bangkok, Sydney, Auckland and Los Angeles, you would have to see them in that order (or the reverse), rather than in random order.

Travelling sections overland

Any round the world trip worth its salt should include at least a portion of overland travel. Flights are quick and convenient for covering those massive distances, but airports and planes give little insight into any given place – literal or figurative. A common misconception is that round the world flight packages have to be completely linked – that is to say, if you fly into Bangkok, you must fly out of Bangkok to continue your journey. Wrong.

You could, for example, fly from London to Bangkok, travel the South East Asia loop and down to Singapore overland, fly from Singapore to Sydney, travel overland up the east coast of Australia to Cairns, and then fly from Cairns back to London.

Popular routes for round the world travel

Popular round the world routes

Let’s just clarify something quickly: the phrase ‘round the world travel’ is confusing – it implies you have to circumnavigate the globe to be eligible for a round the world ticket. A more accurate description would be ‘multi-stop flights’. It should be noted these are typically long haul and don’t generally include European destinations.

With that in mind, you have two options: to literally fly around the world, or to fly to a point and come back on yourself.

The following are some of the more popular routes but always, always remember, we specialise in tailor-making itineraries, so it’s always best to speak to us to work out something which suits your individual trip.

New Zealand via China

New Zealand via Chinafrom £779

Australia via Vietnam

Australia via Vietnamfrom £989

The Best of Asia and South America

The Best of Asia and South Americafrom £2,999

Australasia, Asia and South America

Australasia, Asia and South Americafrom £1,915

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