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What is a Short Gap Year?
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Short Gap Years

Short Gap Years

If you’ve only got a few months, or even weeks, to fit in all the adventures of a gap year a short gap year is perfect for you. A month-long gap year, or shorter, or longer, is a great idea if you need to slip it in around school, university or work. A shorter gap year is also an excellent idea if you’ve not quite got the healthy cash flow you’d like, or simply just can’t bear to be away from your friends and family for so long.

Trekking on a short gap year

Why a short gap year?

When you have a job or you’re in further education it can be difficult to fit in your day dreams of giving something back to society and doing a bit of charity work. For most people packing it all in and travelling the world for a year is too much of a dream, this is where the short gap year comes in. Much better than spending a fortnight on a beach, a short gap year is a time to take some extended leave from work and do what you’ve always wanted.

Your short gap year, or mini gap year, can easily be as epic as a whole year away. Opportunities are available year round and you can do anything that anyone would fit in a full year abroad.

Even just a short time spent out of your comfort zone can have a life changing effect on the most hardened of backpackers. Just being in a different environment and stimulated in a different way can give you every experience you’re looking for.

You can combine adventure with volunteering and join up with the best bits of a destination to create an awesome short gap year experience. If you want a career break, some time off from education, qualify for a sabbatical, have university holidays or you’ve just saved up all your annual leave to take an extended trip a short gap year is for you.

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What to Do on your Short Gap Year

Fitting in some volunteering into your short gap year is a great use of your trip time. You can help out at local schools, caring for animals or in marine conservation, among many other projects.

Or, a season spent working in a snow resort is a season well spent. We’ve got some great projects in Canada and France that will have you citing yourself as a pro boarder in no time, if you’re not already.

What to do on your short gap year

Interrailing is another popular choice for our short gap yearpers – university breakers can enjoy a summer making the most of the tracks connecting mainland Europe maxing that interrail pass out.

How about an adrenaline-fuelled trip to New Zealand, or a tour through India, volunteering in Kenya or even road tripping through the States. No? You can find more short gap year inspiration throughout 


How Much Does a Short Gap Year Cost?

How much you’ll spend on your short gap year depends greatly on your spending habits, where you go, what you do and how long you're going for. Generally speaking though, you will spend a lot less than if you were going away for a whole year, provided you don’t go on some mad spending spree that is.

A short gap year spent diving would be fun

Interrail Global Passes start from £159, volunteering can be anything from free to thousands depending on what you do and with which country, and if you work in a snow resort you’ll actually earn some cash instead of spending. There’s not enough space to list the prices of everything here, so just browse our product listings for more of an idea or get on the message boards to chat to other gappers who’ve been there and done that. 

You'll need to at least factor in the following to your budgeting though: 

  • Flights 
  • Transport on the ground 
  • Visas 
  • Food and drink 
  • Accommodation 
  • Activities 

What is a Short Gap Year?

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