Transport by Boat

Getting Around by Boat

Boats are an awesome way to see the world. They’re mostly an eco-friendly way of exploring, and thanks to water, they’re everywhere! Obviously there are some very different boats out there. You may think huge cruise ships carrying thousands from island to island are more your mum and dad than you, but gap years are all about finding new and exciting ways to experience life, so give it a go. They’ll seem crazy expensive in the Western world, but head East and you may be able to afford a few nights on a big cruise ship, we don’t want to pry into your finances.

Next up in the massive boats spectrum are all those boats in between – ferries mainly. They can be really useful when you’re travelling on a budget with a little time to spare. One gapper needed to get from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam – the ferry was the answer. Another wanted to get from Italy to Croatia, quickly, a ferry from Ancona to Zadar sorted her right out. If water separates you from your destination and you can’t walk on it – ask around to find the best way across. Boats can be easily forgotten.

If you’re thinking of travelling by boat on a smaller scale, you can always find a great, eye-opening trip down at the local river. Depending on where you are the prices may be different. But we know for a fact that in Vietnam for example you can just pop down to the Mekong Delta and pick up a boat trip for very cheap. Try to use local vendors where possible as otherwise your money will line the pocket of some fat cat who doesn’t need it. Row boats are a great way to get around – and totally eco friendly. Lastly pedalos and kayaks: burn off a few calories and make your way down the local river at your own pace. Thanks to the size of your boat you can easily quickly change direction and zip the other way if you see something you like. Travelling by pedalo or kayak on your gap year is a great way to see wildlife and experience the destination at a more relaxed pace, depending on how good your rowing skills are.