Transport by Bus

Getting Around by Bus

Buses are another great and more eco friendly option than flying. They obviously take longer than trains and planes but they’re the perfect solution for shorter distances and many offer a hop on-hop off service. One of the best of these is found in South Africa linking up Cape Town and Johannesburg via a few stops along the coast. On the Baz bus you can pay a fixed fee (around £200) and then hop on and off the bus as you fancy over no fixed period – they’ll even drop you straight to your hostel door.

Buses in the USA can be great value too, provided you book well in advance. The Megabus service runs in most cities and you can get certain routes for just $1 (60p). If you're travelling around Europe leisurely buses can be a much cheaper alternative to trains, and you'll actually get to see some of the countryside rather than whizzing by on the rails. Check out the National Express and Eurolines early for some top deals. 

Some destinations, like Tanzania or India, are also perfect for overlanding. It's a great way to access difficult to reach destinations and navigate crazy roads and terrain. Check out our overlanding guide for more information.