Transport by Train

Getting Around by Train

Once you’ve got your flights booked to cover the huge distances you can start zooming in and focusing on booking your train travel to cover the short ones. If you’re travelling around Europe Interrail passes make a lot of sense, you won’t have to worry about getting around when you’re out there and it’s a really cost effective way of getting around. You’ll get unlimited travel around mainland Europe, perfect if you want to pack in as many countries as possible.

If you’re planning some train travel in the USA Amtrak is the main provider, check out their 15-day pass prices for a great deal. Another popular train route you may want to plan into your trip includes the Trans-Siberian Express – from London to Cologne to Moscow and into Beijing. The Ghan in Australia is also hugely popular with trains leaving Adelaide and travelling the 3000km+ to get to Darwin and vice versa. You can take residence in a Red Service Daynighter seat and even stop off at Alice Springs to check it out too.

Plan your trip around train travel and you’ll get to take in lots of beautiful scenery from the comfort of your seat, quickly.