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Wildlife Conservation on Horseback

from £796
Duration: from 2 weeks to 10 weeks
Countries: South Africa
Horse safari over a private game reserve whist helping with wildlife & environment conservation, teaching & community projects.

Wildlife Conservation on Horseback

Head out  to Kwa Madwala, a private ‘Big 4’ (leopard, lion, elephant and rhino) 4000 hectare game reserve, situated just South of the Kruger National Park, home to a luxury safari lodge with renowned horse and elephant safari’s.

This is an area of outstanding natural beauty - from drinking in panoramic views of the nearby Drakensburg Escarpment at ‘God’s Window’, to enjoying a sundowner on Fort Rocks - you’ll be surrounded by landscapes to take your breath away.

Our base, bush house, is in the heart of the reserve, surrounded on all sides by wildlife and offers a completely immersive safari setting. (In fact it has a little plunge pool to help wash away the dust!). From here you’ll be treated to encounters with game almost every day.

You'll divide your time between helping with their horse safari's, wildlfe, environment conservation with local community projects.

Quick break down:

Mornings: In the saddle  
Daily horse safari's - helping rangers search for injured game and reserve management issues.
Horse safari's - set up coffee and sundowner stands for the morning and evening rides for the guests in the reserve's lodge.
Help with their elephant back safaris.

Afternoons: Conservation + community projects    
Reserve management  - fencing and bush clearing.
Construction and/or repair of hides and viewing decks to help monitor animal movements.
Help in the nearby children’s orphanage at Thembalethu School, a centre for victims of AIDS. This is an amazing place where you can teach and play with the kids. In addition we have painted murals, carried out maintenance and built a stage (which they love).

4 day trip to the famous beaches of Mozambique.

If you stay for 6 weeks part of the itinerary and cost is four days over to the deserted beaches of Mozambique to experience an entirely new country and a different side to African culture, influenced heavily by the Portuguese.  Calm seas, clear skies, beautiful lagoons and white sands are just a four-hour drive away from the bush of Kwa. The perfect spot to indulge in seafood and tackle some watersports.


Extra perks - all included.
Elephant safari's
Try out rifle target shooting.
Be introduced to 4 x 4 driving - a course will be conducted to cover the basic skills required.
Microlight aerial perspective/game viewing .


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Further Details

More information about this gap year opportunity...

Price details:

from £796 to £2,400

Duration Details:

Minimum 2, max 10 weeks with 4 departures a year.
Summer Gap -No time for a whole gap year? Try our Summer Gap program - we’ll promise to have you back in time for your results…

Cost Details:

60% of cost spent in-country with an additional donation made to projects of your choice.
Price includes microlight flight over reserve, 4x4 driving lessons 4 days in Mozambique.


All the time

This placement would suit:

Volunteers seeking variety in their challenges and experiences.
Mornings: help with their horse safari’s searching for game and assist rangers with identifing reserve management issues.  
Afternoons: teach orphaned kids and improve their standards of living.
Time Out: elephant safari’s, rifle shooting, micro-ligting, visiting Mozambiques deserted beaches.

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User Comments:

“Every day I would go riding, either escorting guests or just with Nyaga the syce, and you knew you could just let the horses run and there was no danger of meeting anything, apart from the occasional zebra! Everything about Africa is intense: the smells, the sounds, the taste. Nothing is ever in half hearted or in tame measures out there: when it rains there is a monsoon-like downpour, if the sun’s shinning, then you literally won’t have a cloud in the sky. I’ve never seen skies like the ones in Africa ...you suddenly get a sense of how small you are in the great scheme of things.”
~ by Eleanor Stourton

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