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Wildlife Care near Port Elizabeth

from £995
Duration: from 2 weeks to 12 weeks
Countries: South Africa
This project is a very caring sanctuary set in a small private game reserve in the Eastern Cape. You’ll get to help out with the rehabilitation of wild animals and even young ones!

Wildlife Care near Port Elizabeth

You'll assist in hand-rearing, feeding and generally looking after many different animal species, including over 250 different species of birds, most of which you will never have seen before.

The sanctuary receives many abandoned, abused, injured or orphaned animals that all need love and attention to help prepare them for life back in the wild if possible, or at least a safe life in the sanctuary. Many animals breed there, so there are often young animals to care for that need regular feeding and attention. It is a very hands-on experience and one that leaves you with an unbelievable feeling of satisfaction. This placement can be a life changing experience!

The Sanctuary and Wildlife Park is situated 50 km south west of the city centre of Port Elizabeth, on the Eastern Cape’s sunshine coast, in a malaria-free area. Set on 1000 hectares of superb bush and grassland, the sanctuary was started by Percy, who was has lived there for over 25 years and was originally a farmer on the current piece of land. Having always had an interest in the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured animals, he decided to retire from farming and concentrate on building a larger sanctuary where he could take in and look after animals who needed a home.

What will I do

Work on this project ranges from hands-on with the animals, to helping and guiding the tourists or assisting in the restaurant and bar. Some of your work will also include general chores in the Park itself.

Some of your responsibilities may include the following:

Food preparation for all the animals and birds. You'll learn which animals eat what food, how to prepare it and and how much to give them.
Hand rearing of orphaned wildlife, including birds.
Mucking out and tidying enclosures, and, when necessary, helping to expand existing enclosures or constructing new ones.
Collecting data on wildlife within the game reserve section of the park. This will include, for example, monitoring the movements of wildlife and occasionally doing game counts, depending on what is required at the time you're there.

What you'll gain from doing this project:

An exciting, never-to-be-forgotten adventure into South Africa.
You'll lealrn an enormous amount about rearing and caring for different types of wildlife and birds.
New skills, more confidence, a greater understanding of a different culture, invaluable personal and professional development.
An entry on your CV or résumé that will put you head and shoulders above most others in the job market
The enormous satisfaction of helping abused and orphaned animals and knowing that you made a difference to their quality of life
And best of all ... an unforgettable experience!

Additional activities you can add on to this project:

Add to your travel experience in Africa by doing some additional exciting activities, such as:

5- or 7-day Safari from Cape Town up the renowned Garden Route
Surfing Courses in Cape Town
Photography & Photoshop Courses
1-Week Wildlife Rehabilitation
1-Week Zulu Culture Tour
Surfing Courses in KwaZulu-Natal
1-Week Whales Sharks Dolphins
10-Day Paragliding Course
5-Day Bush Survival Course
What to do next

Talk to us - We're there to help you. Most of our team are ex Travellers volunteers and are ideally qualified to offer advice and guidance because they know what you're looking for. They'll help you find your perfect project - and then make it all happen!

If you’d like to apply for this project - visit our website and complete the application form. As soon as we receive it, we’ll liaise with you and then start making your travel adventure happen.

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Further Details

More information about this gap year opportunity...

Price details:

from £995 to £2,595

Duration Details:

This placement can be extended for any length of time (many of our volunteers do!), restricted only by any possible visa requirements.

Cost Details:

When you’re on your placement, if you’d like to extend your time, you can do so for £250 per additional week.


All the time

This placement would suit:

People who want to make a real difference to the well-being of animals and who want first-hand experience of real African culture. No qualifications or previous experience are necessary, just a love of animals, the outdoors and good dose of enthusiasm!

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User Comments:

“Having completed my three month placement, I feel I have gained a greater sense of independence living and working away from family and friends. I am also more confident to explore new places on my own.
Having worked at the Sanctuary, I now understand better the huge responsibility that goes with caring for animals and the importance to protect individual species for future conservation. Over the three months, I had the wonderful opportunity to care for and handle animals that I otherwise would never have seen in England.
The Sanctuary has also allowed me to experience the full range of duties associated with working on a wildlife sanctuary and game park. This has included animal husbandry, agriculture and farming, retailing and catering.
This truly is a perfect placement for those looking for a diverse work experience.”
~ by Timothy Fulfit

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