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Volunteer with Kids in Romania

from £1,695
Duration: from 1 month to 3 months
Countries: Romania
Work closely with children who are abandoned, neglected or severely ill. Live in the medieval city of Brasov, overlooked by dramatic mountains and Romania’s largest ski resort.

Volunteer with Kids in Romania

A project to suit you
This project is for anyone who has a heart for kids with tough lives. We get you alongside children in orphanages, ‘family homes’, hospitals and a hospice.  You’ll get the chance to visit them all and decide which one(s) would suit you best.  In each case you’ll be helping children who are craving attention and opportunities to play.  No special skills are needed.  Just bring plenty of enthusiasm and some good ideas for games and play.  The language barrier doesn’t seem to matter either.  Most of the staff speak some English and the language of play is truly international!

Romania has done a lot to improve the horrifying conditions for orphans that shocked the world in the 1990s.  Orphanages have got smaller, with the creation of ‘family homes’ for up to 12 children (some specifically for disabled children).  The staff do their best, but they simply don’t have time to give the children much attention or play with them. Your role will be to help the children with their homework, read with them, play games and sport, as well as acting as a role model and friend.

Children's hospital play therapy
You can also bring smiles to sick children in Brasov’s children's hospital and hospice. Many of the children are craving affection because their parents have abandoned them and they have no-one to visit them. You can help out with games, craft and other fun activities to cheer them up and keep them busy. Some volunteers also help on the neuropsychiatry ward, where the kids have mental difficulties or behavioural problems.

Children with disabilities
You can help at two institutions providing care to children with disabilities.  The Recovery Centre provides various services such as massage, hydrotherapy and speech therapy.  Your role would be to encourage the children to play and interact with each other, developing their social skills.  The Downs Syndrome Centre cares for 21 people aged between 3 and 34. You can help with various tasks at the centre, but they are particularly keen for volunteers to get involved with arts and crafts, singing and dancing.

Medical experience
If you are considering a career in medicine, physiotherapy or similar, we can arrange an excellent volunteer experience for you too.  Get in touch with us to find out more.

You will come back each night to our comfortable flat in central Brasov, which you share with the other Oyster volunteers.  Brasov has lots to offer, with historic buildings, lively streets and good places to eat.  You’ll even find a ski resort and ‘Dracula’s castle’ nearby.

Our UK staff will get you fully prepared before your trip. Once in Romania, you’ll be in the capable hands of our local rep, who will meet you at the airport and help you settle in.

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Get to know these happy children, and bring more love to their lives
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