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Elephant Care in Thailand

from £599
Duration: from 1 week to 6 weeks
Countries: Thailand
Work up close with elephants rescued from a life of abuse, live on site at a beautiful wildlife centre in rural Thailand. This project can be combined with our Wildlife Rescue project.

Elephant Care in Thailand

What will I be doing?

Volunteers work alongside local staff to care for around 16 rescued Asian elephants.  Each day will differ but elephant care volunteer tasks may include:

* Feeding and giving water to the elephants
* Help with the cleaning of the enclosures
* Hosing down and cleaning the elephants
* Harvesting and collecting food from local farms - pineapples, bananas etc.
* Creating enrichments for the elephants
* Looking after other domesticated animals on site

You may also be involved in other activities around the centre such as helping clean the grounds, maintenance of enclosures or helping on the centre’s farm land. For volunteers looking at placements for 3 weeks+ we recommend considering a combination with the Wildlife Rescue role (based at the same centre).

How is the Elephant Care project making a difference?

The centre we work with gives refuge to domesticated elephants that have been used in industry and many of the elephants arrive with severe health problems and bear the scars of previous abuse. The centres aim is to provide a refuge that is as close to nature as possible.

Domesticated elephants were traditionally used in the logging industry but after the ban on logging, many mahouts turned to making a living from using their elephants in the tourist industry. Many elephants were used for begging on the streets of big cities, within circuses, made to give rides or to perform. The centre campaigns to raise awareness of the abuse elephants (and many other animals) face in the tourist industry.

Why are volunteers needed?

Whilst each elephant is cared for by a dedicated mahout, they are in need of assistance with their tasks. The local staff are often over-stretched with daily care tasks and so the extra man-power from volunteers allow them to focus on long term plans. Additionally volunteers can offer contribute creatively and help to design enrichments for the elephants.


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Further Details

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Price details:

from £599


Before you go
* Carefully selected and vetted volunteer project
* Support from our friendly and highly experienced UK team
* Single point of contact with a dedicated placement manager
* In-depth information booklet on your volunteering placement
* Travel information - visa, health and safety advice
* Access to specialist travel insurance at exclusive rates
* Recommended travel agency for flights and tours
* Access to special deals and resources
* Fundraising guide and support
* Financial protection

On your placement
* Animal Care volunteering placement
* Arrangement of your pickup from Bangkok by a representative from the centre (cost payable to driver)
* Accommodation - a basic shared room
* Food - all main meals
* Onsite support from local team
* Support from UK office by phone and email
* 24/7 emergency back up
* Crisis management plans and insurance

On your return
* Contact from your placement manager
* Feedback scheme
* Volunteering certificate (on request)
* References (on request)


£75 discount for volunteers who combine more than one Pod Volunteer project!


All the time

This placement would suit:

Anyone who has a passion animal welfare and would like to work up close with Asian elephants

Do you accept non UK citizens?



“The trip was absolutely amazing and I really didn’t want to come home! There was some hard work involved but the perks 100% made up for it and the contact with the elephants was amazing! It was great to meet so many new people and animals!”

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Photo Gallery

Thailand Elephant Care

Thailand Elephant Care

Taking one of the elephants for a walk (with some treats along the way!)
Thailand Elephant Care

Thailand Elephant Care

One of the elephants enjoying some lunch
Thailand Elephant Care

Thailand Elephant Care

Elephants have large enclosures with greenery and a small lake to relax in
Thailand Elephant Care

Thailand Elephant Care

Volunteers help to feed elephants but also create enrichments to make their food more exciting!
Thailand Elephant Care

Thailand Elephant Care

Volunteers working on banana harvest
Thailand Elephant Care

Thailand Elephant Care

Sunset over the lake, on site at the centre
Thailand Elephant Care

Thailand Elephant Care

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