Discover the Diversity of Borneo

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Discover the Diversity of Borneo

from £1,950
Duration: from 5 weeks to 10 weeks
Countries: Malaysia
Sumatran rhinos. Pygmy elephants. Red-leaf monkeys. Spiders’ webs and hardwood trees. Discover the rainforests of Malaysian Borneo.

Discover the Diversity of Borneo

Spend ten weeks in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Sabah is a land untouched by tourism, travellers or technology. One of the earth's last wildernesses, it is home to some of the rarest species in the world. But this is more than an adventure. Not only will you be one of the privileged few to experience this extraordinary place, but you will also be part of projects that are vital to its conservation.

How does it work?

We'll guide you through the most exciting, most worthwhile challenge of your life. Your expedition will have three parts: an environmental project, a community project and an adventure leadership project. You'll have the chance to work alongside experts as they research and protect some of the world's oldest rainforest. Living alongside indigenous communities, you'll help to build kindergartens in remote, rural areas, enabling local children to access a better education. You and your team will trek past untouched waterfalls and forest glades, carrying everything you need and sleeping under the stars.

Why Raleigh?

We've been running expeditions for over 30 years. Working with local experts and partner organisations, we're an established presence in Sabah. Our programmes are expertly run, structured and supported.We're also passionate about young people's development. We'll make sure that you return from your expedition not only with friends from around the world and stories that no one quite believes, but also with newfound reserves of resilience, confidence and self-belief. A Raleigh expedition is an experience that stays with you for the rest of your life.

“Getting to stay in an environment like this, sharing our camp with gibbons and macaques is an absolute privilege, one I will never experience again.” - Lara, Raleigh Borneo volunteer, 2014

When can I go?

We run expeditions throughout the year. 

Want to find out more? Give us a call or an email. We love to talk about our work! You can also find out more on our website.

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User Comments:

The mix of people is what I have enjoyed most about Raleigh. I’ve learnt about myself and the world, which I’ll never forget.”
~ by Charlotte, Malaysia

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Raleigh International is a sustainable development charity. We challenge and inspire young volunteers from around the world to work with communities living in poverty. Our programmes focus on providing access to safe water and sanitation and protecting vulnerable environments. Since our foundation as a charity in 1984, Raleigh volunteers have become a global community of more than 36,000 people committed to building a sustainable future.

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