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Volunteer with Children in Cambodia

from £895
Duration: from 4 weeks
Countries: Cambodia
Enrich the lives of the children in this children’s home and help in the nursery, lead educational activities or work hands-on on the farmland.

Volunteer with Children in Cambodia

What will I be doing?

Volunteers live on site at a Children's Home off the beaten track in rural Cambodia, the Home cares for around 40 children from 0+ 

Volunteers are involved in leading education activities on site, including kindergarten games and activities and informal after-school English lessons as well as working in the Nursery with the younger children and babies. For volunteers who want to be more hands-on, there is always work to be done or on the farmland.

A typical day could involve:

  • Leading Kindergarten classes: Educational activities and early learning such as phonics and numbers
  • Lessons in the on-site classroom: English, Maths games and activities or a specific subject that interests you (Music is a big success!)
  • Helping in the nursery to care for the babies and young children with disabilities
  • Sports games or outdoors activities
  • Creative activities, arts and crafts
  • Working on the farm
  • Helping with cleaning / manitenance activities 

This project is ideal for volunteers looking for cultural immersion, off the beaten tourist track.

How is the Children's Home making a difference?

The children all attend local state school however the schooling in rural Cambodia can be of poor quality, particularly in English language. The onsite classroom gives the children a fun environment to learn after their school day ends and volunteer-led classes are open to everyone, including children from the local village.

Due to their tough start in life, many of the children in Nursery are behind developmentally in their gross and fine motor skills and in some cases also with their speech. Volunteer-led Kindergarten sessions allow them to develop and practice these skills in a safe environment whilst also giving their nannies a rest for an hour. The Children’s Home also takes in children with difficult medical backgrounds and in the past they have fundraised for urgent medical treatment for children in their care, including cleft palette surgeries, heart surgery and ongoing medical care for a ‘butterfly baby’ in their care who suffers from epidermolysis bullosa.

Why are volunteers needed?

The Children’s Home has a dedicated team of local staff but they are often over-stretched with daily care tasks. Whilst they remain the long term support for children they are often unable to dedicate time to fun games or lessons.

Neither the English lessons nor Kindergarten sessions are able to take place without the support of volunteers. The local team also often do not have time to develop areas of the land for farming and so volunteers are able to support man-power in this area.

By volunteering at the Children’s Home and contributing your time you are able to create fun activities for the children to ensure their free time is used productively and engage them in a positive learning environment.

Where will I be living?

You will live on site at the Children’s Home in a beautiful tropical region of Kampong Speu Province. Volunteers live in a basic bunk-bed dormitory within the Children’s Home; accommodation is rural and basic.

Life in Cambodia is generally slow-paced and so the evenings are very quiet and relaxed. Volunteers can spend their free time reading a book, exploring the local market or visiting Kirirom National Park




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Price details:

from £895


Before you go
* Carefully selected and vetted volunteer project
* Support from our friendly and highly experienced team
* Single point of contact - dedicated placement manager
* In-depth Volunteering Guide on your volunteering placement
* Travel information - visa, health and safety advice
* Help arranging criminal record checks
* Discounted online TEFL course
* Access to specialist travel insurance at exclusive rates
* Recommended travel agency for flights and tours
* Access to special deals and resources
* Fundraising guide and support
* Financial protection for monies paid to Pod

On your placement
* Volunteering placement
* Airport pick up (Phnom Penh) and transfer
* Accommodation - a basic shared room
* Food - lunch & dinner
* Induction
* Onsite support from local team
* Support from Pod UK office by email and phone
* 24/7 emergency back up
* Crisis management plans and insurance

On your return
* Contact from your placement manager
* Feedback scheme
* Volunteering certificate (on request)
* References (on request)


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All the time

This placement would suit:

Anyone who enjoys spending time with children and is happy to be off the beaten track

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“The Children’s Home is a lovely environment, the children are very happy and the staff onsite, even though the staff don’t speak English, are smiley and approachable. The month I spent at the children’s home I shall never forget, the kids are so willing to learn and play, the joy is infectious to be around. It’s an experience like no other. It’s broadening and so rewarding. It gives you a better understanding of other cultures”

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Cambodia Children's Home

Cambodia Children's Home

Cambodia Children's Home

Cambodia Children's Home

Cambodia Children's Home

Cambodia Children's Home

The Children's Home
Cambodia Children's Home

Cambodia Children's Home

Having an afternoon snack - coconut water!
Cambodia Children's Home

Cambodia Children's Home

A volunteer working on the farm
Cambodia Children's Home

Cambodia Children's Home

The Nursery
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Cambodia Children's Home

Kindergarten activities
Cambodia Children's Home

Cambodia Children's Home

Teaching at the local school
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