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Orphan DayCare & Community, Zululand

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Duration: from 2 weeks to 12 weeks
Countries: South Africa
Help educate orphaned and needy children and support entire communities - from young to old - in an underprivileged community (surrounded by wildlife!) in Zululand, South Africa.

Orphan DayCare & Community, Zululand


  • Get hands-on in the local pre-schools, providing care, education and fun for the village children that will contribute to a positive start in their schooling
  • Use your energy and enthusiasm to help an After School Club for orphaned children
  • Support and provide assistance to local Zulu families struggling with limited resources
  • Spend your weekends on safari, spotting elephants, lions or rhinos under the stars of the African bush or join in some of the many optional sightseeing tours this area has to offer
  • Live in the home of South Africa's largest population of hippos and crocodiles! St Lucia is a bustling tropical tourist town, only a short walk away from the beautiful and warm Indian Ocean, long stretches of beaches and surrounded by nature!

Volunteer Activities:


African Impact works with 9 different day care centres in the remote villages surrounding the area of St Lucia, each taking care of anywhere from 40 – 80 underprivileged and needy children each day. These centres are run by women with almost no formal training, but who have a huge passion and heart for providing any form of education to help the children get a step ahead.

Volunteers provide daily assistance to these day care centres in the form of fun, educational and interactive classes and activities to improve the children’s level of the English language, literacy, numeracy and early childhood development skills. With the support of African Impact staff, volunteer’s time spent at the day care centre contributes to a positive start to their schooling and helps their readiness for primary school.



Each week volunteers visit a community orphanage in one of the most rural areas of the village to help run an After School Club. This visit is something both the children and volunteers look forward to, providing a much needed safe and fun environment for the kids to enjoy “just being kids”, and to forget about the hardships they have may experienced in their past.

After School Club has given the orphaned village children a chance to meet many international volunteers from all over the world, improving their English language, knowledge and even their creative skills, looking to the volunteers as role models for how they can develop their own futures and is an inspirational afternoon for everyone!



With the high infection rate of HIV and TB in the rural villages, as well as limited access to medical and educational resources, many families are facing extreme hardships and require support that is not adequately provided in the area. Volunteers provide assistance where possible and get involved with a number of different families, whether it is home assistance in the form of building work, gardening, cleaning or refurbishment or in working with the young children to provide a better foundation for further education, work and generating income.

To date, this project has seen many successes, including the creation of safer and more efficient access to clean drinking water, sustainable gardens, bed frames and mattresses, additional rooms for homes, food parcels, assistance in registration for schools and school uniforms and clothing.



A favourite of all volunteers’ and staff, Reading Club takes place once a week in the Centre of the village at a donated (and brightly painted!) shipping container which has been converted into a library. Children of all ages and abilities come from across the village come to read with volunteers, learn new skills and improve their English. The children are very enthusiastic as they work towards their reading goals to reach Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum levels!

Reading Club has established a love of learning in these children, as well as improved their reading skills and confidence in speaking, which has an enormous impact in their schooling and future opportunities.

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Extra Fun & Travel

Explore the World Heritage Site of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, immerse yourself in the Zulu culture, visit the nearby Big 5 Game reserves - Hluhluwe-Umfolozi & even Kruger National Park

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