Hands-On Lion Project, Vic Falls

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Hands-On Lion Project, Vic Falls

from £1,155
Duration: from 2 weeks to 4 weeks
Countries: Zimbabwe
Assist with hands-on lion conservation and rehabilitation with the mighty Victoria Falls - one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World - as your backdrop!

Hands-On Lion Project, Vic Falls


  • Be part of the first effort to release lions into the wild in Africa through this ground-breaking, globally-recognized lion conservation project.
  • Enjoy extremely close encounters with captive lions on their daily walks, and watch their naturla instincts develop while collecting data for our lion release program.
  • Experience the African bush in a unique way as you spend time out on the Masuwe Concession, adjacent to the Zambezi National Park, where you’ll be involved in anti-poaching, conservation and reserve maintenance activities like snare sweeps, boundary patrols and alien plant removal.
  • Make a difference for the next generation of young Zimbabweans as you facilitate Conservation Education programs, helping to inspire children to be passionate about the animals they live alongside.
  • Live a stone’s throw from one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World – Victoria Falls, where wildlife such as elephant roam the streets, and play a vital role in the conservation of this World Heritage Site.

Vounteer Activities:


As a wildlife volunteer you will spend time daily with the lions, feeding them and making natural toys for them. This is an important aspect of the program as the lions will need feeding, their enclosures will require cleaning, and occasionally the lions will need veterinary care to ensure that they are kept in the best of health. You’ll also play an integral part in ‘behavior enrichment’ strategies for our cubs, which involves making toys from natural materials to enhance their time on and outside of their daily walks.



Volunteer work entails taking the young lions (up until the age of 18 months) out every day as they are given the opportunity to practice their hunting skills, build their confidence and accustom to their natural environment. They need to adapt to it, learn from it, understand, observe, feel and smell the wild. Partake in some of the daily walks these cubs go on as they encounter wildlife such as buffalo and observe as their natural instincts take over.



You will assist our research team in gathering and analysing vital data, which is needed in making the best decisions for the lions’ welfare and their progression through the release program. Research being undertaken will vary depending on the needs of the project but could include looking at hunting behaviour, character traits of cubs, mane growth, spoor sizes and the effectiveness of behaviour enrichment programs.



You’ll also get to interact with the children in the local community schools, teaching them about the importance of conservation for the future of their environment and sustenance. This is a great chance to get a true glimpse into local culture and familiarize yourself with local customs.

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from £1,155

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Anyone who is passionate about wildlife conservation in Africa and wants to take part in a once in a lifetime volunteering experience!

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User Comments:

“The staff were beyond marvelous. I felt such joy and happiness and caring from everyone. I feel I have a new family now that I will stay in contact with forever. Lions are magnificent. It is a wonderful dream come true.”

~ by Jeffri Gordon

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