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Amazon Ranch Project

from £1,416
Duration: from 4 weeks to 8 weeks
Countries: Guyana
Travel back in time and volunteer at old school ranch where everything still runs on man and horse power in Guyana’s Rupununi Savannah, South America’s only English Speaking Country!

Amazon Ranch Project

Cattle rustlers, rodeo's, jaguars prowling for life stock, bush fires, rum and pit barbeques it all still happens here! Help to sustain local native Amerindian cowboy community’s centuries old lifestyle by rebuilding the ranches and help them set up basic eco-tourism facilities.

Times are dire for the cattle ranches of Guyana Savanna’s, no longer being able to sell their meat to neighboring Brazil and not even longer allowed to sell their meat in the coastal regions of Guyana they struggle to continue. With the times changing and barely any source of income left the Amerindian Vaquero’s of the Savannas are in need of your help! They are on the brink of abounding their centuries old lifestyle, help now by building basic eco-tourism facilities and relive the days of old as a Cowboy (or girl) in beautiful Guyana!!! This is a great volunteer abroad opportunity for all adventures especially for those who love the ranch life, who are interested in native Amerindian cultures and have a passion for horse riding.

This Is Why

    Venture in to the amazing savannas of South America and help out on a local remote cattle ranch
    Set up sustainable eco-tourism with the vaqueros and help protect their way of life
    Learn how to live and survive a truly rustic lifestyle along side real vaqueros
    Experience incredible Tropical wildlife right on your doorstep

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Further Details

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Price details:

from £1,416

Projects or activities you will mainly be involved in:

  Constructing a new cattle fence
  Developing the vegetable garden and managing the chickens
  Helping to bring in the cattle and manage them in the corral
  General maintenance around the ranch buildings
  Repairing the compound fence
  Day to day cleaning and preparing of meals
  Building additional accommodation for tourism
  Constructing a horse coral
  Improving the out buildings

About Fronteering

FRONTEERING aims to arrange volunteer abroad and adventure travel experiences in places less visited and unspoiled. FRONTEERING’s projects help with true good causes in some of the last frontiers. Places where the need is greater, where there is more to lose and much more to gain. Join one of FRONTEERINGS Volunteer Abroad projects and visit these last frontiers while they are yet unspoiled and hopefully through our combined efforts we can keep it that way!

Imagine the sounds of night fading away while in the distance the horizon starts to brighten. You wake up listening to a serenade of thousands of tropical birds and an awakening jungle. Parrots fly overhead with their loud squawks, howler monkeys greet the sun with loud voices while you relax a few more minutes in your jungle hammock! Staring through the jungle canopy you see the blue sky lightening up between the trees.
It is this experience common in some of our volunteer projects and adventure travel trips in Central & South America that got me involved in setting up volunteer projects and adventure travel trips to help with long term sustainability of our last wildernesses and to protect it’s wildlife and the way of life of indigenous communities.

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