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Care for Kids & Explore Zanzibar

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Duration: from 2 weeks to 10 weeks
Countries: Tanzania
Work with disabled children in Arusha, the safari capital of Tanzania, before heading to the Indian Ocean Coast to help in schools and explore Zanzibar Island.

Care for Kids & Explore Zanzibar

Dymphana was set up and is run by the wonderful Sister Mary, an expert in autism and special needs. She’s an inspiring lady who has spent her life savings building this home and on-site school for children with intellectual impairment such as autism and Down syndrome.

Sister Mary is ever grateful to our volunteers who turn up full of energy, love and ready for action to help her feed, wash and dress the children. Helping teach basic hygiene, as simple as brushing their teeth! Helping teach basic English, reading and writing to improve their social skills and brighten their lives through music, sport, games, and arts and crafts. Helping prepare their meals and taking the kids on little outings is all part of the daily routine here.

You don't need any specific qualifications apart from empathy and a compassion for others. For those that rise to the challenge you will be rewarded with extremely fulfilling memories and the knowledge that you have made a positive difference. 

Add a phase at the Coast
Your are perfectly placed to venture west to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s bustling coastal port where the beaches are stunning providing awesome diving and snorkeling, (just so you know).  Here you can get stuck into another phase of volunteering at the Montessori School, who rely on private funds and local manpower to keep it going. Here you can roll up your sleeves to help with renovations, planting trees and watering plants to reduce dust and eye infections.

Zanzibar Island
Not to be missed, a break on Zanzibar Island, where you can kick back on the beaches, strap on a snorkel to track down a turtle before nipping off to Stone Town.

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