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Human Rights & Legal Aid Internship

from £950
Duration: from 1 month to 6 months
Countries: Tanzania
Work closely with experienced Tanzanian lawyers and support staff on this project. Assist in consultations and raise awareness of human rights and belief in the legal system.

Human Rights & Legal Aid Internship


The purpose of this program is to ensure that less fortunate groups and others with special needs are made aware of their rights and that these legal rights are adequately protected. The program will also provide psychosocial support to women groups, widows, vulnerable children, orphans and their foster parents.


This project allows participants to work with a local Tanzanian non-government organisation and legal aid clinic, which is run entirely with the help of local and foreign volunteer workers. The work carried out provides a very real benefit for a disadvantaged section of Tanzanian society. Women in Tanzania, though legally enjoying many of the same rights as men, are traditionally not believed to have any such rights and many women are left destitute once their male family members are gone. The only lasting way to change this ingrained perception is through education of both men and women. The workshops carried out by this organisation seeks to break down the cultural barriers keeping women in ignorance and poverty.

The Legal Aid clinics also coach and empower clients with the necessary knowledge for legal and court procedures to enable them to represent their cases in court.


Legal services provided at the clinics will consist of counselling, provision of legal advice, and reconciliation sessions on a variety of legal issues, including: labour law, employment, matrimonial, land, contract, children rights, insurance, tort, probate, etc. Internships and individual field-research opportunities are available to those who have a legal academic background and/or human rights experience. Your interest and enthusiasm is greatly needed at our centres!

The following fields of expertise are available for you to choose from:

Information & Technology
Organization Development

You will be working mainly in the legal aid office with local paralegals and other volunteers, usually from 10am to 5pm. The office is a place where those who cannot afford to pay for legal representation can come for assistance with legal matters. Occasionally, you may also spend time at court, in those circumstances where matters cannot be settled. Another important aspect of intern work is educational workshops, organised in remote villages.

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from £950

Travel & Accommodation

You will be met at Kilimanjaro International airport or Arusha bus station by a project representative and taken to start your placement.

You will be staying in a fully serviced apartment, along with other interns and volunteers. You will have a shared room and bathroom. Our coordinators will make sure you are safe and comfortable and have everything you need throughout your placement.

During weekends you can visit the Tanzania National parks (Tarangire, Manyara, Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater) or visit the many local attractions, such as the Hot springs, Maasai village and Canoe safaris. There are many trips we can organise for you.


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