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Namibian Wildlife Sanctuary

from £775
Duration: from 2 weeks to 12 weeks
Countries: Namibia
Come and join this fantastic project in the heart of Namibia and get up close and personal with some of Africa’s most iconic species of wildlife!

Namibian Wildlife Sanctuary

Start Dates are every Monday and Thursday of each month.

This project allows volunteers to travel and work as a volunteer at the Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary with cheetahs, lions and other big cats.

Volunteers will help to care for and feed the animals on a daily basis as well as helping with maintenance work at the sanctuary. Maintenance work may include de-bushing to get rid of invasive species, digging trenches to extend water supplies to camps, and other manual activities.

Volunteers are involved in all aspects of the sanctuary work whilst here. The animals are taken to one of the release sites to be reintroduced to the wild as soon as they can be to avoid too much human familiarity. Since opening in 2008, 40 carnivores have been released, and the number is always growing.


Day 1

Arrive at Windhoek Airport and transfer to the project site alongside a representative of the sanctuary (transfer time approx 45 mins.) Spend the rest of the day at the site, and meet with other volunteers and volunteer co-ordinators before joining an orientation talk.

Day 2-14

These are your project days. Rise early and eat breakfast at around 7am, before joining the other volunteers and volunteer coordinators for a meeting at 8am. Begin morning activities (distributed on a rotational basis.) There is usually a tea-break at around 10:30am. Begin a second-morning activity after this, with lunch commencing at 1pm. Afternoon activities begin at 2:30pm, running until around 4 or 5pm. Enjoy a delicious dinner at 6pm, before spending your evenings at leisure.

Day 15

Sadly, today is your final day at the project. After some fond farewells, transfer from the project site to Windhoek airport for your return flight, or commence independent travel plans. 

Project Activities

Animal Feeding
Volunteers are responsible for preparing the food for and feeding all of the animals each day. Vegetables, fruit, and mieliepap (a kind of porridge) are used to feed the baboons and farm animals. You may also have the opportunity to feed the little ones, such as baboons and farm animals, by giving them a milk formula.

Carnivore Feeding
Volunteers are also able to experience regular carnivore-feeds with lions, leopards, semi-tame and wild cheetahs, and even with rare African wild dog and hand-feed the resident meerkats!

Baboon Care
Volunteers are encouraged to help look after the resident baby baboons - this will almost definitely include taking a walk across the beautiful veldt with the baby and junior baboons! Volunteers may also feed the baboons, bathing them and taking them to bed so they have someone to cuddle with at night and don't feel scared (please be aware that this activity is subject to the prescence of baboons at the sanctuary, so is not a guarenteed part of your itinerary.) Should you be lucky enough to work with the young baboons, this will surely be a highlight of your time at the sanctuary.

Volunteers are involved in the clearing out of old food and bones from animal enclosures, the cleaning of waterholes, and the fixing of any damage to the animal enclosures. Maintenence of the project site helps the programme to run fluidly, so your help here is really quite important!

Animal Time
Volunteers get to spend part of each day playing with and looking after some of the animals on the farm. These interactions include taking a walk with the gorgeous caracals; spending one on one time with the semi-tame cheetahs; and meeting the resident pack of African Wild Dogs (also known as painted dogs), one of the rarest carnivores in the whole of Africa.

Local School Visits
Volunteers will spend one afternoon a week working with the schoolchildren in the local school, teaching them English, and even playing games!

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Further Details

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Price details:

from £775

What's included?

• A contribution to the project itself (including funding for items such as building materials, food, and animal medications)
• Transfers to and from the Windhoek International Airport or Windhoek City
• Full orientation and support from the project managers for the duration of your project
• Accommodation, three meals per day, and tea and coffee

What's not included?

• Any flights
• Travel insurance (including cover for repatriation)
• Visas
• Soft and alcoholic beverages
• Any extra activities not included within the itinerary


Volunteers joining the Namibian Wildlife Sanctuary will need to apply for a work visa before travel. We will provide further information and documents for this upon booking.

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