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Orangutan Conservation in Indonesia

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Join this fantastic project in West Kalimantan in Indonesia and help in vital conservation work with orang-utans in ’International Animal Rescue’s’ rescue and rehabilitation centre.

Orangutan Conservation in Indonesia

This one of a kind volunteer programme is designed to help The Great Projects' charity partner 'International Animal Rescue' build a fully functional orangutan rescue and rehabilitation centre within the middle of the jungle in Indonesian Borneo. As a volunteer, you will be working in IAR's temporary rescue centre in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, and will be helping in the construction of a much needed new centre. At the temporary centre, you will be helping the staff with enrichment and general husbandry for the orangutans - which involves improving their surroundings in order to stimulate their physical and mental health, as well as providing them with their food and enrichment activities.

Start dates are the 5th of every month. 


Day 1

Arrive at Kuching Airport. Transfer to temporary accommodation in Kuching. Enjoy a welcome dinner with the project leaders, and other volunteers. Volunteers arriving earlier in the day are free to explore Kuching.

Day 2

Today after departing from Kuching, you will visit two orangutan rehabilitation sanctuaries in the local area (Semenggoh and Matang) guided by experienced team members. This is a fantastic first insight into the orangutan, as you will be able to watch them feeding.

Day 3

Transfer from Kuching to the city of Pontianak by bus. Passing over the mountains that separate the borders of Indonesian and Malaysian Borneo, cross the border at Tebedu interior road crossing. Spend the evening in Pontianak.

Day 4

Take a scenic boat trip from Pontianak to Ketapang.
 Settle into accommodation which is a locally rented house close to the project site. After dinner, meet the rest of the team and some of the orangutans. In the evening, receive a detailed safety briefing and information about the project tasks and activities.

Day 5-28 

You will be working six days a week at centre doing mainly physical labour. The work varies greatly month by month due to the unpredictable nature of what takes priority on a day to day basis.

Projects the volunteers have worked on to date include: construction of climbing towers, feeding platforms, boardwalks and bridges, mixing cement for bases of new cages, filing new cages and erecting fences. Volunteers have also assisted with the planting and upkeep of the farm area where food is being grown for the orangutans, tree planting on new land, creating structural enrichment for the cages and enrichment for the orangutans. Maintenance of pre-built structures has also been an on going task.

Day 29

Unfortunately today is your last day and you will transfer to Kuching Airport for your return flight home or to commence onward independent travel plans. 

Project Activities

On this project, you will get the chance to take part in a wide variety of exciting activities. Below are examples of some of those included in this project. 

New Construction at the centre
With the centre expanding, volunteers may partake in helping to erect electric fences and mix concrete to make bases for new cages to stand on. Also the building of boardwalks and bridges to make access easier for personnel and new climbing towers and feeding platforms for the orangutans in the forest school areas

Volunteers may also be involved in the process of producing enrichment for the resident orangutans. This promotes natural behaviours and will enhance the potential for rehabilitation to release as well as improve the lives of the orangutans.

Farming and planting
To help keep the food bills down, we are growing our own local produce to help feed the orangutans. This involves activities from planting fruit trees and harvesting vegetables to making organic compost. As more land is being bought some areas of it need reforesting.

Cage Maintenance
All the cages at the centre need regular maintenance, especially in terms of changing the fixed enrichment of hammocks, ropes and tyres.

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