Law & Human Rights in Argentina

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Law & Human Rights in Argentina

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Duration: from 2 weeks
Countries: Argentina
Help raise awareness of the problems faced by marginalised groups in Argentina by volunteering on our Human Rights project.

Law & Human Rights in Argentina

Projects Abroad works alongside qualified lawyers on worthwhile projects that aim to address and resolve concerns such as domestic violence and housing disputes. On this project you will work within a structured programme at the Projects Abroad Human Rights Office in the city of Cordoba. As a volunteer your role will be dependent on your level of experience and your specific areas of interest.

Day to day activities will include meeting people from all areas of society, including those belonging to international and domestic authorities and organisations. Volunteers in Argentina will gain first-hand experience under the guidance of an in-house project manager. You will help by raising awareness of human rights, monitoring vulnerable areas and resolving human rights abuses.
Many victims of abuses are unaware of their human rights or the protection they are entitled to. Projects Abroad regularly organises educational and awareness raising outreach work which involves travelling to communities, schools and other institutions. In order to identify communities and individuals in need of assistance, the Projects Abroad Human Rights office performs human rights monitoring. This helps identify abuses, determine their extent and assess the needs of people affected whilst determining a strategy for change. 

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from £1,445


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