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Care | Rescued Elephants in Thailand

from £995
Duration: 1 week
Countries: Thailand
Grab this fantastic opportunity to work with rescued elephants in the stunning location of Kanchanaburi.

Care | Rescued Elephants in Thailand

Grab this fantastic opportunity to work with rescued elephants in the stunning location of Kanchanaburi. The elephants are mainly injured, sick and elderly elephants which have been relocated to the Sanctuary where they are cared for and given a better quality of life, you’ll work hands-on with them, including swimming and taking mud baths with them, mucking out their enclosures and, most satisfying of all, ensuring they live in a happy, comfortable environment!


If you would like to do this project for one week, you'll start your programme immediately at the Elephant Centre, working with these magnificent animals. If, however, you're lucky enough to be there for 2 weeks or longer, you'll start with a Cultural Activities Week that will immerse you into the fascinating culture of Thailand. This week includes a number of exciting activities, such as Thai language and cooking lessons, visits to temples, and generally exploring and experiencing the region. This week will help to make you feel completely at home during the rest of your stay. Your Elephant Programme will start in Week Two.


After the culture immersion week you will have a weekend to relax in Singburi or sightseeing, you will then be transferred to Kanchanaburi early on Monday morning. The project is located on a beautiful lake and offers the unforgettable experience of being able to spend time and bond with the elephants whilst they’re in their natural habitat.

The aim of the sanctuary is to relocate elephants that are injured, ill, previously abused or illegally owned to a place where they are well looked after in an replica of their natural environment. You'll learn about the elephants of Thailand and truly experience Thai culture, while working closely with the mahouts who dedicate their lives to gaining an understanding of the elephants and how best to care for them.

You will help by planting food for them, spending a lot of hands on work with the elephants like joining them for their regular mud baths – what fun! The programme also allows for some exciting local activities and a typical schedule is as follows:

Introduction, feeding the elephants and taking them to the river, bathe with them (mud bath!), prepare their food, feed the elephants and then bring them back into the forest. In the evening there is a Thai welcome ceremony, followed by dinner and a Thai culture class & Thai elephant documentary.

You'll go to see the elephants then its time for mucking out and general cleaning. Afterwards you will prepare food for the elephants, help with bana grass or tree cutting, plant banana grass and then spend some time relaxing floating on the river Kwai. After dinner a Thai elephant documentary will be arranged.

A lovely hike to the top of a nearby mountain and a visit to the elephants will start your day before breakfast! Today you will be preparing fruit and cleaning the fruit shop and mud bath. An afternoon is planned at the stunning Erawan waterfall.

Before breakfast a bike ride around the village is arranged and then its time to plant food for the elephants. After lunch you’ll help clean the bathing area, and take a bamboo raft and nature trail to a setting in the forest where you will set up camp for a wonderful evening with your fellow volunteers.

You start the day making salt lick for the wild animals, feed the elephants at the river and wash them! After lunch you will cut sugarcane or grass cutting for the elephants. In the evening there will be a farewell party followed by karaoke!

Free time for you to relax if staying longer than a week. Relax at the guesthouse accommodation, take a local taxi into town, expand your sightseeing and visit the many more sites in the central provinces. Our friendly staff are always there to make your choice easier with advice.

Please note that this schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

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Further Details

More information about this gap year opportunity...

Price details:

from £995


Accommodation during the Cultural Activities Week will be at an Eco House near Singburi.


Fixed 1 week duration

Start Dates

Projects start every weekend and end on a Saturday, all year round - you choose your start and finish dates. Arrival should be before 4.00 in the afternoon.


No qualifications or experience required, but you must have lots of enthusiasm and initiative, and a great love of elephants and their well-being. Minimum age 17.

What's Included

►Arranging your Programme,
►Full pre-departure support and assistance,
►Payment Protection insurance
►Meeting you at the nearest airport
►Transfer to your accommodation
►Transfer to and from your project
►Local in-country team support and backup
►24-hr emergency support.
►Free T-Shirt.
►Certificate of Completion

What's not included

Flights, Insurance, Cost of Visa, Food whilst in Bangkok, return transfer to the departure airport.

Who can do this project?

This project is open to all nationalities and all ages over 17.

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