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Turtle Conservation in Bali

from £695
Duration: from 1 week to 12 weeks
Countries: Indonesia
Get involved with this turtle conservation project located on a beautiful island just a short speed boat ride from Bali and help protect these amazing animals.

Turtle Conservation in Bali

This turtle project is in its early stages and you'll be helping to collecting vital data on the turtle population on Nusa Penida. Because turtles do not nest all year round, you may help with different elements of the project including identifying turtle species, collecting eggs, monitoring nests or ensuring hatchlings get safely to sea.

During the day, you'll also have the chance to give back to the community and teach English at one of the schools on the island. Few native English speakers have taught English here before, so your experience is guaranteed to be an authentic one and to really help!

What Will I Be Doing?

The Sea Turtle is known for its appearance in the movie Finding Nemo, but despite this 6 out of the 7 turtle species are still either critically endangered or on the IUCN Red list of 2013. Also, this project is based on the famous Island of Nusa Penida just off the coast of Bali, so not only will you be helping protect this incredible creatures, but you'll be living on an island paradise.

Take a break and visit the amazing beaches of Bali and help save one the world’s oldest creatures!

Your project starts with a 45 minute speed boat ride from mainland Bali onto the beautiful unspoilt island of Nusa Penida. This untouched paradise is one of the last remaining islands that Sea Turtles can access for breeding.

Because the project is fairly new your involvement will be highly beneficial in growing the awareness of this highly endangered and truly ancient species. Did you know, turtles are estimate to have been around for more than 110 million years and lived at the same time as the dinosaurs?

Most of your conservation work with the turtles of Nusa Penida will be done in the late afternoons and evenings because of their behaviour.

Your duties will vary depending on the time of year as turtles do not nest all year round, so flexibility is essential. During your placement your daily activities could include:

•         Collecting data on the turtle population of Nusa Penida
•         Identifying different turtle species – (there are 7 different types!).
•         Collecting eggs for research and monitoring nests
•         Overseeing the safety of the hatchlings as they migrate to sea. (Hatchlings must pass through an obstacle course of predators in order to get safely to water).

During the day you'll volunteer at one of the local schools in Ubud, the cultural centre of Bali. Children in Bali thirst for education although few have ever been taught by a native English speaker. This makes the experience highly valuable and rewarding for both you and the children.

You'll work as an assistant teacher and have the opportunity to teach whole classes of your own, too.

The main focus is to improve the students' English through fun and interactive methods like: Sports, singing, art, games and general knowledge quizzes. This helps developed confidence and thus an eagerness to attend school on a regular basis.

A typical schedule:

7:30 Breakfast
08:00-10:00 Organize activites at kindergarten.
12:00 Lunch
14.00-17.00 Teaching program at local school.
17.30 Meeting and feedback from 1st day teaching.
18.00 Dinner
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:
7:30 Breakfast
08:00-10:00 Organize activites at kindergarten.
12:00 Lunch
16.00-17:30 Teaching program at local school.
18:00 Dinner
7:30 Breakfast
08:00-10:00 Organize activites at kindergarten.
12:00 Lunch
14:00-17:00 Teaching program at local school.
7.30 Meeting for and feedback from the week
18:00 Dinner
8:00 Breakfast
12.00 Finish Program (if this is the last week of your placement) is a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to the stunning Island of Bali and make an impact in both conservation and teaching!

What happens once you've booked your placement?

Once you have applied for a placement, we'll contact you and send you our Welcome Pack. You'll also receive log-on details and your password for our Volunteer Extranet where you'll have access to all the documentation and information which we've put together to help you prepare for your adventure! Your country Project Co-ordinator will be in touch with you throughout the process, as well as while you're on your placement and on your return home.

The documents you'll have access to include a Country Factfile, Safety Guide and any manuals that may assist you on your particular programme. We do all we can to make your stay one that you'll never forget!

As with all our destinations, the culture and heritage is different to what you're used to which is one of the most exciting aspects of travel and work in a different country. Just remember that some things may be different to what you're used to at home!

On arrival, you'll have you introduction to the country: When you arrive you'll be welcomed by a member of the team who will take you to your accommodation and introduce you to everyone.

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