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Live & Work in North Thailand

from £410
Duration: from 2 weeks to 15 weeks
Countries: Thailand
Work with young children while living with a group in a local community in Thailand.

Live & Work in North Thailand

Volunteering in Thailand

Our summer and gap year programs in this beautiful part of Thailand will see you located in Ban Thaton, about one and a half hours’ drive west from Chiang Rai, or three hours’ north of Chiang Mai. It nestles in the Fang Valley, very close to the border with Myanmar (Burma). The valley forms a bowl full of orange groves and paddy fields, whilst the river, once the ‘road’ when boats were the main transport, still frequently provides the quickest way between villages.


The villages we work with are in the foothills at the edge of the bowl. The hill tribes (peoples whose origins may lie in China, Burma or Laos) and the rural Thais rub happily along together. Our programs in Thailand give you the opportunity to go straight to the heart of this wonderful Asian country, full of astonishing beauty – both natural, human and architectural.

Thailand Gap Year Program

Teaching among the Hill Tribes on the Burma Border.
Our gap year programs in Thailand join forces with the Maekok River Village Project in the Fang Valley. You can help at primary or middle schools among children who come from that Thai village and from nearby hill tribe villages. You will help children, teachers and villagers to improve their spoken English.

If you opt for the full one term option (11 weeks), you will have an optional 4 week period to explore Thailand.

About Thailand

Land of smiles … and bustling Bangkok……and beautiful beaches. But there is another Thailand – a simpler, gentler land, full of warm people in tune with the rhythms of rural life.
Here the hill tribes (peoples whose origins may lie in China, Burma or Laos) and the rural Thais rub happily along together. Their children share the same school but, since not all hill tribe children attract government funding, the schools need help with spoken English.

Thailand’s English syllabus is entirely written and only a few can actually speak the language. Volunteering in Thailand with AV you can go straight to the heart of this wonderful country full of astonishing beauty – natural, human and architectural.

Become part of the community As part of a group you will live in the middle of a community, learning about the local culture, engaging and connecting with people with lives vastly different to your own. It’s about sharing your skills and knowledge in a way that is useful to them.

Make an Impact We are passionate about the difference you can make and we work with each participant individually to ensure you can use your skills to make a meaningful contribution.

Independent, supported travel On the longer, 11-week projects, you can choose to include four weeks of independent travel, whilst still making use of our 24/7 in-country support.

Gap Year 100 We are committed to taking a maximum of 100 per year on our gap year programs. As a non-profit, AV’s focus is on providing both volunteers and our partner communities with the best experience possible and by limiting our numbers we ensure we can treat every applicant individually and place them where they can have the most impact.

AV programs are no ordinary gap year experiences, it’s a community of individuals with shared experiences and we are with you long after you get back from the project. “Once an AV, always an AV.”

Visit our website to find out more about our Thailand program.

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