Coach Sports & Teach in South Africa

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Coach Sports & Teach in South Africa

from £660
Duration: from 2 weeks to 17 weeks
Countries: South Africa
Volunteering in South Africa you will see there is a passionate desire for education – in the classroom, on the sports’ field and about the world!

Coach Sports & Teach in South Africa

South Africa Gap Year Program

Our gap year projects are in a small, rural community in the Karoo, South Africa’s ‘Big Sky’ country, in the southern part of the Orange Free State, where there are five schools in need of your help. You will live in the town of Philippolis. You literally have to prise these children off you at the end of the day – they just don’t want you to go home!

Our volunteers have found the challenges here immensely rewarding. Volunteering in South Africa with AV gives you the chance to teach anything (primary to secondary), play anything (especially football), sing, dance, paint and act. Looking to get involved with sports’ coaching in South Africa?
Since the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, everyone in Philippolis is football mad! There are volunteering opportunities at the local Sports’ Clinic, helping to improve football skills and organising football tournaments. Your days will be busy and you’ll love it!

About South Africa

Did you know that most of its 46 million inhabitants live in the major towns and cities and that its vast bushveld is virtually empty?
The contrasts are extraordinary: first world cities on the one hand, and communities as poor as anywhere on the continent on the other – a genuine “Rainbow Nation”!

This is a stunning and rugged country, where a new generation of talent is emerging from the rebuilt townships – but slowly.

Become part of the community As part of a group you will live in the middle of a community, learning about the local culture, engaging and connecting with people with lives vastly different to your own. It’s about sharing your skills and knowledge in a way that is useful to them.

Make an Impact We are passionate about the difference you can make and we work with each participant individually to ensure you can use your skills to make a meaningful contribution.

Independent, supported travel On the longer, 12-week projects, you can choose to include four weeks of independent travel, whilst still making use of our 24/7 in-country support.

Gap Year 100 We are committed to taking a maximum of 100 per year on our gap year programs. As a non-profit, AV’s focus is on providing both volunteers and our partner communities with the best experience possible and by limiting our numbers we ensure we can treat every applicant individually and place them where they can have the most impact.

AV programs are no ordinary gap year experiences, it’s a community of individuals with shared experiences and we are with you long after you get back from the project. “Once an AV, always an AV.”

Visit our website to find out more about our South Africa program.

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