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We’ve made it really easy with this complete gap year. Fly into Bangkok, party on infamous Koh Phangan at the Full Moon Party and the likes of Koh Phi Phi on the west side, before flying home from Phuket.

Party Thailand

First stop, Bangkok. Stay in a hostel right next to the Khao San Road and see what the most legendary street in backpacking has got to offer, before heading south to the islands, either by bus, train or if you're feeling flush, plane. Then let the fun really begin on Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, before heading over to the western side of Thailand to try your luck on Koh Phi Phi, Railay and Krabbi. 

Check out our sample east coast itinerary below - based on 7 days, the minimum amount of time to get round. You have the option to extend the number of nights you spend in the islands for as long as you like (in multiples of 3) within the season's departure dates and can change your dates up to 10 days before you travel.

Welcome to Coconut Island! Meet your guide and future friends at our recomended accomodation before we go on a quick orientation walk. This is one of Thailand’s largest islands so there’s no shortage of things to do. Gawk at the sexy beaches, lap up the cuisine, snorkel around or head to Koh Tan Island. Once you’ve finished exploring come meet us at our favourite local restaurant. It’s the ‘first night on tour’, which means: party!

More time to explore the island. To mention just a few of these possibilities; you can visit the fisherman’s village, head to Silver Beach, go to an aqua park, kayak, do a treetop cable ride, or just read your book. There's no excuse to be bored here. We know we went out last night…but are you really going to refuse a few beachside cocktails?

It’s an early start today. Complaining ain’t an option though, just look where you are! Paradise! We’re heading to the beautiful Koh Tao, so prepare yourself for the big decision; just how long will you stay for? It’s one of the best places to do scuba diving in the world. You can do one-off dives, or spend a bit some time getting an open water diving licence. If diving's not your thing, there are plenty of other things to do: explore the island, join a yoga class, Muay Thai, sunbake or just relax.

This is a free day. Koh tao is a fantastic little island for hikes and has more remote little beaches than you’d care to know about. Take a taxi to the other side, or just go out and see if you can find some more beautiful little fishes. It may be a wise option to relax tonight. Tomorrow we head to the infamous party-island.

We hope you’re feeling good this morning! Hop on the short boat trip to Koh Phangan and feel that fresh sea breeze. After dropping your bags off in storage it’ll be time to teach you a little about the island. This island has two very different aspects; we suggest heading to some of the more secluded beaches of the north before heading to Haad Rin to party. Enjoy your dinner with your guide and fellow travellers in the evening. Then do what this island does best. Follow your nose to the fire throwers and dance to your hearts content.

Bleary eyed, mouth like a latrine, not too deft at movement. A bad feeling. But look out the window. ‘oh, hi there Thai Island!’. And boom! You’ll feel great again (at least mentally). Use this newfound energy to go out and explore. Get as far as the beach… But wait. Tonight. It’s the last night of the tour! So woop woop that means we need to party even harder tonight.

We depart the island midmorning and say our goodbyes.

And then when you're not done, how about this for the west coast?

Get over it. The word ‘Phuket’ is funny. Make no more than 5 jokes using it or we kick you off the trip (only joking).  Meet your Guide at the hotel reception, see some nice new faces and head out to explore this large and bountiful island. You’ll learn about its colourful trade history and some of the crazy inhabitants of the island.  After this walk, you're free to do your own thing; there’s a Gibbon Rehabilitation Project and the beautiful Bangpae waterfall for you to enjoy. After a thoroughly pleasant day join the Guide and your trip mates for the first night dinner and drinks gathering.

A day to enjoy some exploration. A great option is to go visit the beautiful ‘James Bond Island’. This is the island where Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, and Roger Moore all live together in a secret underground lair. Either that or it’s where they filmed some James Bond scenes…who knows? After dinner we’ll have a few drinks at one of the nearby beach bars.

In the morning we head off. But don’t worry, because every island is just as wonderful. It wouldn’t actually be unreasonable to claim that Koh Phi Phi is slightly better looking. With its long, blonde, slender, curvaceous, bodacious, blue-eyed…sorry what were we talking about? Oh yeah, beaches! We arrive and check into our hotel in the morning. After this, meet up with your learned Guide, who’ll tell you a bit about the island before you get the chance to beach-bum. Kayak, swim, sun bathe or snorkel, your choice. Late afternoon you can meet your guide for a hike up to the sunset point. After this stunning view we’ll head back to the town for dinner and drinks.

The island is surrounded by many colourfully named islands and islets. Today is your chance to explore them. Go to Maya beach (where the movie ‘the beach’ was filmed), see the monkeys on the imaginatively named Monkey Island, or go to the rather poorly named Mosquito Isle (seriously, do they even understand the concept of selling-yourself!). After becoming a little bit too accustomed to such unsurpassable beauty, come back to town for some drinks at one of our favourite bars.

Now for something a little different. A little off the well-trodden path. In the morning we arrive at Koh Lanta. The beaches are slightly less populated and cater to a wide variety of different travellers (read as:’ hippy-haven’). There’s plenty of space for beach frolicking here, so hopefully you’re not completely sun-burnt yet! If you’re feeling a bit adventurous go on a jungle trek to the waterfalls. One of the best things to do on your free day here is the swim through the 800 metre cave to a hidden beach within the rocks. It’s kind of actually ridiculously cool.

It’s a completely free day, and my lord you’ll be grateful. Because you do not want to leave this place. One of the best things to do with this day is to swim through an 800 metre cave to a hidden beach within the rocks. It’s kind of actually ridiculously cool.

Today we head to our final destination. We leave roughly at lunch time, so if you get-up early you’ll still have a bit of time to enjoy this blissful little island. On arrival in Krabi you’ll be confronted by the sheer quantity of activities to do here. Boat to some spectacular beaches, see some Thai kick-boxing (not for the faint-hearted), or even go rock climbing at the world-renowned Railay Beach. This town is rather lively, so you’ll be missing out if you don’t come for dinner and drinks tonight.

It’s your last day. We don’t know what you’re doing the day after but why not treat today like it’s your last day in glorious Thailand anyway! Run around, buy your ‘same-same but different’ t-shirt, go back to Railay Beach, send a postcard, basically have a lot of fun. Tonight we go to an amazing local thai restaurant and party at one of our favourite Thai bars.

No more tour sadly. If you're returning to Phuket, meet your guide for your prearranged transfer.

After all that we can pretty much guarantee you'll sleep all the way home! 

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