The Mongol Rally 2016

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The Mongol Rally 2016

from £500
Duration: from 2 weeks to 8 weeks
Countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Romania, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
A 10,000km road-trip from the UK to the wilds of Siberia via Mongolia and virtually anywhere. In car barely able to pass an MOT. No set route, no back up, no idea if you’ll even make it.

The Mongol Rally 2016

You and some mates in a ridiculously small car, driving to Mongolia. How hard can it be?

Hopefully hard enough to get you lost, stuck and in trouble. After all that's where the real fun starts.


'Adventure Tour' is an oxymoron. Tours are organised, safe, predictable. Adventure is the opposite. That's where we come in; think of the Mongol Rally as an 'anti-tour'.

We think adventure needn't be complicated. You don't need fancy kit, meticulous planning or expensive guides. A really useless car and a vague notion of where you're going is all you need.

Because you're driving your own car, you get to choose exactly where you're going, which not only means you can drive to places like 'The Gates of Hell' in Turkmenistan, and the boat graveyard of the Aral Sea but also places that are cool just because they're way, way off the beaten track, tiny villages the backpackers  and coach tours will never get to.

Rally Vehicles
Travelling in a 4x4 is boring. Rubbish cars are way more fun, not least of all because you might not even get to where you're going. After all, on an adventure the destination just means the adventure is over, the journey is where the real fun happens.

Because you're driving a rubbish car, you're likely to break down which is the best way to get stuck into the local culture and the best way to find yourself in places you didn't even know you wanted to be in.

On Your Own
We're guessing you're taking a gap year to push yourself, to get out there and enjoy some independence. You can't really do that on a guided tour, nor if you've got a support crew to call if it all goes wrong. You set your itinerary, you choose where you're going, you get the glory for reaching the finish line (and the responsibility when it all goes to shit). Because the Mongol Rally isn't easy, not everyone wants to do it, which means more kudos to you for even starting this adventure.

We provide a start line, a finish line and some world class parties. The rest is up to you.

Saving the World

We quite like this green and blue rock they call Earth and we want to look after it. We ask all teams on the Rally to raise £1000 for charity. The first half goes to our official charity Cool Earth, the rest can go to any registered charity of your choosing.

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Further Details

More information about this gap year opportunity...

Price details:

from £500


Entry to the greatest Rally on earth.

A heap of expert knowledge and organisation in the months leading up to the launch

A new improved tracking and blogging system

A spectacular launch party

A sprinkling of parties & pit stops through Europe

An awesome finish party

‘Route beers’ meet ups in the run up to the Rally

Stories so fucking excellent your friends will be in awe of you for decades to come

The ubiquitous Mongol Rally T-shirt


The 2016 Mongol Rally launches on July 17th.
The finish line will be open 1st to 28th August.


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Interested in this; ready to enquire?

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