The Rickshaw Run 2016

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The Rickshaw Run 2016

Duration: from 2 weeks to 3 weeks
Countries: India, Nepal
A 3,500km pan-Indian adventure in a 7 horsepower glorified lawnmower. The Rickshaw Run is easily the least sensible thing to do with two weeks.

The Rickshaw Run 2016

'Adventure Tour' is an oxymoron. Tours are organised, safe, predictable. Adventure is the opposite. That's where we come in; think of the Rickshaw Run as an 'anti-tour'.

We think adventure needn't be complicated. You don't need fancy kit, meticulous planning or expensive guides. A really useless vehicle and a vague notion of where you're going is all you need.

The Vehicle
A rickshaw really is the worst vehicle in the world, three wheels, 145cc and truly woeful engineering. That's what makes them the perfect vehicle to cross the entire Indian subcontinent in.

They're slow enough so you wont miss anything, crap enough to stop you from feeling superior and pretty easy to fix when they inevitably go wrong.

Because it's boring to drive along in any old rickshaw, we have our highly trained pimp crew to decorate them in a vague resemblance to your design.

We run under the assumption you've not driven a rickshaw before, so the first two days of the run take on test driving, basic mechanics and an informal Q&A, to make you almost prepared for what lies ahead.

The Route
We have three Rickshaw runs a year, each conveniently taking in a third of the massive triangular country.

January - The Party One
Beginning with a party in Fort Cochin on New Year's Eve, ending with a party at the Maharaja's Palace in Jaisalmer and going via the hedonist's playground at Goa it's easy to see why this is our most popular run. Expect biblical hangovers and truly aweful dance moves.

April - The Everything-India-Can-Throw-At-You One
Beginning in the deserts of Jaisalmer in the North East,  this run goes across the whol of the top of India, taking on the foothills of the Himalayas, the jungles of Bihar, passing the Taj Mahal and Varanasi before making its way to 'The Scotland of the East' Shillong, this takes on the best of what India has to offer and then some.

August - The Long One
At three weeks and 3,500km this is the mother of all Rickshaw Runs. Running from Shillong in the far north-east, to Cochin in the south this monster is the toughest run we do. To make it that little bit tougher it's also in monsoon season, so you're almost guaranteed a couple of days of rain.

Saving the World
We quite like this green and blue rock they call Earth and we want to look after it. We ask all teams on the Rally to raise £1000 for charity. The first half goes to our official charity Cool Earth, the rest can go to any registered charity of your choosing.

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The Rickshaw
A once state-of-the-art three-wheeled Bajaj auto-rickshaw, with all the paperwork necessary for you to take it on public roads and across state lines. Decorated by elite team of rickshaw artists according to your design.

Test Driving
Two days of test-driving, pimping and mechanical tips, with nightly Q&A session for you to familiarise yourself with your vehicle and what you are about to do.

A ruddy good party, cricket match and launch ceremony befitting of the brave fools about to take on the whole of India in a crap rickshaw.

Finish Line
A rousing welcome when you finish, a podium for the obligatory finish line photos and a bar for you to share your stories with each-other. Topped off with a football match and a party.

A shiny blog where you can shout to the world about what you are about to do, and a tracking map where you can upload your location, messages and photos while you are on the road.

The Knowledge
Support from our team of experts to advise you how to get to the start line, the best outfits for the parties and the best biscuits to pair with Darjeeling tea.

The Adventure
3,500km of the best and worst that India can throw at you and all the stories and glory that go with it.

Free Travel Insurance
Your entry fee includes Emergency & Medical travel insurance. This is a bespoke policy for up to 3 people from Campbell Irvine worth £210.


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