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Road Trip USA

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Duration: 28 days
Countries: United States of America
Our Road Trip USA tour between New York and Los Angeles ticks off the very best of America, from Texas to California you’ll see a huge range of America’s highlights on this adventure tour!

Road Trip USA


Day 1: Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nevada

And we’re off! You thought LA was glary? Well Las Vegas is the brightest city in the world (just ask the guys in space). Ease into the action on our private party bus before you really let the dogs out later tonight. P-A-R-T-why? ‘Cause we’re in Vegas baby!

Day 2: Las Vegas*

If you do manage to wake up this morning without a kidnapped tiger in your room, and with all your teeth, you obviously didn't do it right. But that's probs just as well as where else in the world can you take a gondola ride down a Venice canal, see the Pyramids of Giza and the Eiffel Tower, all before lunchtime? Can you say 'best day ever'? Yep, it's as cheesy as a stuffed-crust pizza, but it is also really cool. Later on suit up, stroll in and put it all on 'black' like the high roller you are! Just remember, what happens in Vegas…

Day 3: Las Vegas to Grand Canyon, Arizona*

Motocross riders, tightrope walkers, a jetman – they’ve all #nailedit. But before you audition for team Red Bull, we’ll make it easy with a cruise on Route 66 and an optional helicopter ride over the widest section (29 kilometres) of one of the world’s largest natural skate bowls. For giants.

Day 4: Grand Canyon to Durango, Colorado

It would take a monumental effort to tackle Monument Valley on foot. Even Forrest Gump failed at it. So, jump in the jeep for a tour by our Navajo guide. You’ll never be more amazed by rocks.

Day 5: Durango*

If you thought the jeep ride was bumpy, wait ‘til you hit the rapids on Animas River - white-water rafting is on offer today. Smooth ride seekers can spot prairie dogs (+ cracking scenery) from the Silverton steam train in this gorgeous old mining town.

Day 6: Durango to Santa Fe, New Mexico*

Time to make like a train and roll – we’re on our way to Santa Fe for a history lesson in this centuries-old city of clay houses, art and mezcal margaritas. Shop, museum hop or hit the spa.

Day 7: Santa Fe to Amarillo, Texas

Finally, a legitimate reason to wear that cowboy hat you’ve lugged around with you. And you’ll need it when we’re spray painting 10 old Cadillacs under the hot Texan sun. Don’t ask questions – just get excited. Dinner’s on us at the Big Texan steakhouse. Yup, this is the way to Amarillo, Tony.

Day 8: Amarillo to San Antonio

Fact: The world’s largest cowboy boots stand proudly in San Antonio. A far more fulfilling experience comes when we lay siege to the Alamo Mission for a quick history lesson today.

Day 9: San Antonio to Austin

If you're with us in the summer we'll go tubing in San Marcos River today, a totally awesome way to cool off en route to Austin. Not with us in the summer? No worries, Ausitn is the live music capital of the world and cool enough anytime of year!

Day 10: Austin*

Nudists, boot scooters, cheese makers and 1.5 million bats. Just a few of the things you might see on your free day in Austin. All helping to maintain the local ethos of 'Keeping Austin Weird'. Hit 6th Street tonight for a live music smorgasbord.

Day 11: Austin to Lafayette, Louisiana

More than just a spice you add to your chicken, Lafayette is home of the French-speaking Cajun culture. Lafayette has more restaurants per capita than any other American city and tonight we’re feasting in at least one of them. You’ll welcome this food coma.

Day 12: Lafayette to New Orleans*

Crank the Creedence and get ready to go gator-dodging on a swamp cruise then dance off last night’s dinner at the home of Dixieland Jazz. Pssst: It’s ‘New OR-luns’ round these parts.

Day 13: New Orleans*

Eating makes some of the most memorable travel experiences. Broaden your horizons with gumbo, fried oysters, crawfish, shrimp jambalaya, po’boys and more delicious deep-south soul food on this free day. Later on get some good sax in your life in the birthplace of Dixieland jazz. Strap on your dancing shoes and explore the French Quarter.

Day 14: New Orleans to Panama City Beach, Florida

We who dat say we gonna miss New Orleans – but wat dat you say? Twenty-seven miles of sugary-white beaches? Holla! The Gulf of Mexico as your swimming pool? Holla! Welcome to Panama City Beach. Stop, flop and drop, or hit the D-floor until sunrise, and make the most of your first foray into Florida.

Day 15: Panama City Beach to Orlando*

If ever there was a time to say YOLO, it would be today as we head to ORLO. There are times in life when it’s perfectly okay to eat fairy floss for lunch and ride roller coasters until you feel sick. Welcome to the theme park capital of the world.

Day 16: Orlando*

Every day hundreds of children are lost (and found) at Orlando’s theme parks. So wear a leash and free your inner child at Disney World, Universal Studios or the Epcot Center. Hate theme parks? (Oh, the humanity!) Head downtown, instead.

Day 17: Orlando to Gulf Coast

Come down from your adrenaline high as we cruise to Florida’s Gulf Coast and recount heroic tales of ride conquests over a group dinner tonight.

Day 18: Gulf Coast to Florida Keys

We’re losing ground. Literally. Today’s everglades tour reveals a ‘river-of-grass’ ecosystem (also: otters!) that covers the lower third of Florida.

Day 19: Florida Keys*

If you don’t like blue and its various shades and tones, then you’ll hate the Keys. Blue sky, blue water. Enough to make anyone blue. Instagram the crap out of its famous #sunset on our optional cruise or from Mallory Square, Key West.

Day 20: Florida Keys to Miami

'Bouncing in the club where the heat is on! All night on the beach till the break of dawn! We're goin' to Miami!' Will Smith might have said it, but we've finessed it. Where to today then Will?

Day 21: Miami*

Time to make like a Kardashian today and Take Miami. Miami is like a giant ice cream sundae with a scoop of every flavour, from South Beach’s sun and celebs to Little Havana’s Latino-licious. Sample it all, just keep a little energy in store to get hot and sweaty on the dance floor. Beware of Pitbull.

Day 22: Miami to Cocoa Beach*

Today lifts off with an optional trip to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center where you can live out your dreams of becoming an astronaut. Later we drop in to Kelly Slater’s hometown – there’s even a bronze statue of him. In fact, Cocoa Beach takes surfing so seriously that Ron Jon’s iconic surf shop is open 24 hours.

Day 23: Cocoa Beach to Savannah, Georgia*

Savannah is a bona fide southern belle, filled with 18th-century buildings and dreamy walkways sheathed in moss-covered trees. Have your own “Life is like a box of chocolates” moment where Forrest Gump waited for the bus then devour Girl Scout cookies in the club’s birthplace.

Day 24: Savannah*

Pop on your most dapper threads, order a mint julep (you can even get it 'to go') and fall head over heels for this American beauty queen. She may be terrifyingly haunted, but she sure is ‘purty’. And remember, tonight we’ll be goin’ on a ghost tour of one America’s scariest cities. Woooohhh!

Day 25: Savannah to Charlotte, North Carolina

If you don't know what hush puppies are yet, you're about to find out as we head to North Carolina and enjoy some good ol' Southern Hospitality.

Day 26: Charlotte to Washington, DC

Harold and Kumar went to White Castle. Tonight we’re going to the White House. Or to see it at least, in all its illuminated glory. There will also be other monuments. Sans cheeseburgers.

Day 27: Washington, DC*

Is that the Washington Monument or are you just happy to see me? Be a mall rat of a different kind today, hanging out at the US Capitol Building, Reflecting Pool and War Memorials in National Mall. DC is the land of memorials, museums and monuments so don your best hipster specs and carb up on culture.

Day 28: Washington, DC to New York City, New York*

Say it with meat. We stop in Philadelphia en route to NYC and toast the trip’s end with the Don Mega: A Philly Cheesesteak (sorry vegos). Trip's up, but you heard Alicia Keys and Jay Z, we’re headed to where dreams are made.

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