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Massage Course in Bali

from £54
Duration: from 1 day to 9 months
Countries: Indonesia
Is there a better place to master the art of massaging then Bali? Are you looking for a new skill set to make money during your travels? This project provides just what you need!

Massage Course in Bali

We at Jamu Spa School not only provide all kinds of massage courses and workshops but also a whole new life experience. Our school will take you in as a new student and you will leave as a family member. The care of our students is very important to us and we provide the best possible support during the course. Many of our students return after a few months or years as they feel that their previous study experience had been very positive. We have a huge range of massage, beauty and wellness courses to suit your needs. We assist our students planning their study program to match with their future goals. Our graduates work as mobile therapists, (seasonal) therapists or in managerial positions for hotels and spas, build their own spa business or just being ‘the most needed healing hands’ for their friends and families.

Whether you start from scratch with massaging, wanting to brush up your skillset with new techniques or looking for a completely new and exciting career change, we are the right school for you. Every course starts with a theoretical lesson giving you an introduction about the specific course you are taking, including a little bit of history, the benefits of a massage, a brief introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the body and of course you will be provided with a step-by-step guide to perform the entire massage course. The step-by-step guide is also very useful for future reference. We have highly experienced and professional teachers with a rich background of working in the spa industry. 

Hands-on training is given a lot of importance to ensure the learning happen as efficient as possible. Not only will we teach you the step-by-step procedure of the treatment or massage but there is a lot more involved. We will teach you the correct body mechanics that you as a therapist should always respect to ensure you will not develop any joint or muscle injuries yourself. We will teach you the correct feeling and flow you should be giving to the client optimizing the feeling of relaxation of the client. Giving a massage is much more than just following a few steps, it’s about giving your client the best possible feeling so they will come back for more. Our course is structured so there is about 30% of theoretical lessons and 70% practical lessons. The classes are small and personal to ensure you get the best quality in learning and all the support you need. This makes it ideal for beginning therapists who have no experience whatsoever with giving a massage.

Massaging is an exceptional good skill to have while you are traveling or when you are looking for a job abroad. No matter where in the world you go there is always a demand for massage therapists, everybody likes to get nurtured and treated well. Massaging is a very useful skillset to have because you’ll have the opportunity to earn money as you go. And even more, having international student body means you will have the opportunity with many students from across the globe and create a network. What is better than having connection wherever you go?

Our school is a proud pioneer spa school in Bali. With our first spa business opened since 1988 we have a lot of experience in the field. All of our courses are accredited A by our government. We aslo provide accredited international CIBTAC diplomas that are internationally recognized. With a diploma like this in your pocket you will have a good change of employment anywhere in the world. Moreover we provide authentic and traditional Balinese treatments and  massage courses with a cultural background – only found in Bali and nowhere else in the world. So don’t wait any longer and sign up today!

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Price details:

from £54

Pioneer Spa and school on the island

Our school was the first one established on the island and our teaching methods are based on decades of experiences and internationally-quality expertise.

Highly experienced and qualified teachers

All of our teachers have many years of working experience and have their corresponding CIBTAC certifications in the subject they teach and have got their diploma in teaching and evaluation.


Accredited nationally (marked “A” by Indonesian Board of Accreditation) and internationally by CIBTAC.

Choices of courses

We provide workshops from a few hours to a one day up to three months of spa and massage training. We can even provide tailored courses to meet your exact needs and wishes.

Multilingual courses

Classes are normally conducted in English. However our teachers also speak Indonesian, Japanese and a little bit of Chinese.

Ideal location

Our school is located only fifteen minutes from the airport, surrounded by beautiful beaches close by and different types of accommodation.

Natural organic products

We make our own products with only fresh, organic and natural products that have never been tested on animals.

All-inclusive fee

All of our courses include lunch (traditional Indonesian food), daily clean uniform, comprehensive training manual, tea/coffee break and a certificate upon completing the course


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