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Learn, Volunteer and Travel

from £370
Duration: from 1 week to 12 weeks
Countries: Thailand
This is a unique and worthwhile opportunity to experience Thai culture and volunteer at a local school or orphanage providing support to the local community.

Learn, Volunteer and Travel

Travel to the culturally diverse Thailand and help support  the communities of Sing Buri. On this project you can try your hand at a host of different volunteering opportunities including teaching at local schools and providing care to children as well as aiding with the maintenance and upkeep or construction of orphanage buildings.

Teaching: On this placement you will teach English of Physical Education to students aged 4-21 in one of many rural schools in Sing Buri. The schools promote a  more informal approach to teaching, allowing you to use your own methods or style in the classroom. When volunteering, your duties may include:

  • Teaching and assisting with school work
  • Creating activities for the students
  • Arranging workshops for cultural exchange, environmental awareness, and other important issues

Orphanage Effort: Most orphanages in Thailand have a primary and secondary school on their grounds, providing many education opportunities. The children from outside the orphanage often have limited access to education so they travel to the orphanage for lessons and return home during various periods of the year. The orphans remain in the orphanage year-round where they can enjoy a safe and secure environment with food and housing. Volunteering on this project will see you working at two orphanages. Your work may include:

  • Maintaining the orphanage buildings and grounds.
  • Renovating and light construction projects

This project is truly an amazing opportunity to visit Thailand and expereince its interesting culture while also offering support and expertise to meaningful cause.

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Price details:

from £370

Age Exceptions

This project accepts volunteers who are 17 years old and younger with a letter of consent from a parent or guardian.

Family Option

This project accepts families with children as young as 5 years old.


You will live in one of 3 ‘Eco Houses’ in Sing Buri. The houses sleep 30-72 people and have single gender shared rooms with 2 bunk beds, with up to 4 people per room. All rooms have a private western toilet and shower


All meals are provided daily and are typical Thai fare, including plenty of rice dishes.  Meals at the house are all vegetarian.


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