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Sumatra & Bali Adventure

from £3,200
Duration: from 6
Countries: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia
Join an extreme adventure that combines protecting the endangered Orangutan in one of the most beautiful rainforests in the world, with an amazing South East Asia Island hopping adventure.

Sumatra & Bali Adventure

Working with the New Orangutan Rehabilitation Project, we head deep into the jungle to help construct rope bridges, hides and viewing structures. Location for BBC TV series “Orangutan Diary”, we also trek into the jungle to track released orangutans.

Survival Training - Begin your jungle adventure with our intensive training in jungle survival, first aid, navigation and evacuation scenarios. This is the opportunity to prove that you're tough enough to survive the remote wilderness that awaits.  You will also learn about conservation in action by visiting the low land orang-utan clinic to learn about orang-utans, their habitat and the threat from humans.

Project Work - Next, travel deep into the jungle to the release site, an adventurous 3 day journey upriver by various forms of transport.  Our orangutan reintroduction project is in a remote location in the centre of Indonesian Sumatra, in a designated release area covering 35,000 hectares of primary protected lowland rainforest. For the next 4 weeks you will help our monitoring research team with a number of physically challenging projects including rope bridge construction, hides and lookouts and information posts. You will also assist the team with their monitoring efforts.

Jungle Trek - To reward you for your hard work (and to REALLY test your survival skills) you'll head off on a 5-10 day trek into the unexplored Sumatra jungle. You'll see incredible creatures, stunning views, be swinging through the trees, jumping into plunge pools and clambering through undergrowth. The Trek is in one word…unforgettable.

Bali Island Adventure - Emerging from the rainforest after 6 weeks we catch a flight to the isand paradise of Bali. Immerse yourself in the culture with market visits, temple visits, traditional Balinese dancing shows, and the holy water temple. This week we take in the beautiful sites of Bali!

Island Beach And Chill Out - Time to relax and explore during our final Bali chill out. Cycle tour, rafting, Bali cooking, snorkelling and beach BBQ are a perfect end to your action packed adventure!

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from £3,200


- Jungle survival training
- Help to save the endangered orangutan
- Trek through stunning and remote landscapes
- Three day river adventure to reach release site
- Survivor party!
- Bali Island Adventure

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