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Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation

from £300
Duration: from 1 week
Countries: South Africa
This Vervet Monkey volunteer project in South Africa offers an incredible opportunity to gain hands on experience. You may even have the opportunity to be a surrogate Vervet Monkey parent.

Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation

The Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation and Wildlife Care Farm volunteer project was founded in 2003 and is located in the stunning Waterberg region of South Africa.  It is a non-profit organization. The committed team at the farm work tirelessly to ensure each animal has the best opportunity for a second chance at living in the wild.  It is a long and hard process and involves many different avenues of the conservation sector in South Africa. The end goal for this volunteer project in South Africa is to release the animals back into the wild.

Many of the Vervet Monkeys being cared for are orphaned babies who initially require 24hour care - volunteers might even have the opportunity to become a surrogate parent. Gradually they will be introduced to other Vervet Monkeys under constant human supervision, until they are ready to make the decision to become part of the troop. Other Vervet Monkeys will have been rescued from abusive situations or will be ex-pets. Although the primary focus is on Vervet Monkeys, volunteers at the project may also get to experience other sanctuary wildlife and may occasionally find themselves caring for orphaned baby Baboons.

Volunteers at the Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation and Wildlife Care Farm in South Africa will work directly alongside the experienced staff and will be trained in all aspects of primate care, including; “surrogate parents”,  introducing juveniles to existing troops at the sanctuary, and preparing established troops for release.  There may also be a chance for long-term volunteers to live at the release site and monitor the progress of the newly released troop.

The Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation and Wildlife Care Farm Volunteer Project is a unique and special place, due to the fact that they are very successful at releasing animals back into the wild in South Africa. This volunteer project in South Africa is also an incredible opportunity for volunteers to gain hands on experience of wildlife care and husbandry as well as experiencing South Africa’s amazing country and culture. 

Your Role

Feeding of animals in the wildlife care
Making baby bottles and feeding orphaned babies
Caring for and playing with baby monkeys, as surrogate parent and/or in the sanctuaries “kindergarten”
Caring for injured or sick animals
Assisting with basic medical practices, administering medications
Cleaning of cages, camps, clinic, kitchen, bomas and enclosures
Creating natural environments in enclosures by assistant with enclosure design and enrichment
Developing behaviour enrichment programs for the animals
Assisting with going out on call to collect monkeys and/or food supplies
Assisting with introduction of new monkeys
Monitoring monkeys requiring daily attention
Building of new camps and quarantine facilities
Writing up reports and keeping data

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Further Details

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Price details:

from £300


Volunteers will stay in shared accommodation, with a 4-bed women’s room with en-suite bathroom and a 4-bed men’s room with en-suite bathroom.  Fitted sheets are provided, however, volunteers must bring a sleeping bag. We can arrange private accommodation for if required at extra cost.  There is also a community kitchen and living room. The house has hot water and electricity and there are free self-service laundry facilities available.
Brunch and dinner are provided each day (by staff chef), and volunteer project is able to cater for vegetarians.  The tap water is safe to drink. There must not be excessive alcohol consumption due to the nature of the work

You will be met at the airport with private transfer provided.

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