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Orangutan and Wildlife Rescue Center

from £1,000
Duration: from 2 weeks to 8 weeks
Countries: Indonesia
Many of Indonesia’s injured and illegally traded wildlife find a safe haven at this rescue center. Help aid with their rehabilitation and spend time teaching basic English.

Orangutan and Wildlife Rescue Center

The Wildlife Rescue Center in Jogjakarta provides a safe haven for an array of 'at risk' animals from the rainforests of Borneo. The center is dedicated to rescuing, and where possible, rehabilitating wild animals so that they may one day return to their natural habitats. 

Volunteers at the center will help with a variety of different tasks to do with animal conservation and rehabilitation, including the cleaning of animal enclosures and preparing food and enrichment for the animals. Volunteers will also assist in holding informal English lessons to advance the villagers' and children’s English and environmental awareness.

Volunteer tasks may include:

Shadowing an Animal Keeper: Working with a different keeper and group of animals each day in order to experience the full spectrum of wildlife at the center. You will participate in cage cleaning, feeding, food preparation, and maintenance and cage enrichment. You may also get to spend a morning with the center’s vet, observing and learning about the animals.

Building cages: Building sturdy and spacious cages is essential for the animals' well-being. Thus whenever needed, volunteers will be assisting the animal keepers to build cages for the animals.

Conservation English Club (for kids): Every Wednesday you will go into the village to teach an informal 90 minute ‘Conservation English’ class for the local school children – using environmental topics to improve their English vocabulary and raise awareness.

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from £1,000


You will be staying in shared single-sex style accommodation.  A standard room has two beds and an en-suite bathroom with a cold water shower and western- style toilet.


3 meals a day are prepared by a local Javan chef. Most meals consist of rice, vegetables and chicken, but we can cater for most dietary requirements, including vegetarian and vegan.


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