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Eastern Paradiso

from £1,502
Duration: 19 days
Countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Holy See (Vatican City), Italy, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland
Explore the Eastern paradise! From a Florentine excursion and leather demonstration to clogs and cheese (all that matters) in Amsterdam and overnight ferries to islands, this trip has it all

Eastern Paradiso

Have your own “The Hills are Alive” moment on the Austrian Alps, work on that tan on an exclusive Sardinian island escape (with a quick skip up to Corsica), wander through Liechtenstein on your way to the Swiss Alps and day trip it to Pompeii to find out what went down, topped off with as much pizza, steak, tapas, beer and chocolate as you can handle.

N.B. Price includes a local payment of £205


Day 1: Barcelona

Bienvenidos to the city of art nouveau, alluring accents and most importantly, tapas. Meet and greet your fellow travelers before getting your bearings on a guided tour of bustling Barca, ticking off the must-do likes of Sagrada Familia, Columbus Monument and Las Ramblas. Then: get ready for the notorious nightlife, tonight we hit the town.

Included today:
-Welcome meeting with Trip Leader

Did you know:
-One legend claims Barcelona was founded by Hercules 400 years before the building of Rome. The other supposes it was founded in the 3rd century BC by Hannibal's father, Hamilcar Barca, naming the city Barcino after his Carthaginian family. Take your pick.
-Before Hannibal became a crude cannibal, he taught Romans the meaning of fear. Seriously. Roman housekeepers scared children out of misbehaving with brutal tales of the military commander. He actually left behind enough of an impression to cause Roman senators to exclaim 'Hannibal is at the gates' whenever disaster struck. The phrase is still used when a client arrives or something bad happens (because clearly they are one and the same).

Day 2: Barcelona to Sardinia, Italy

Three nights in Sardinia to set our watches to island time. Cue epic coastal drives, beachy vibes and four million sheep.

Meals: Breakfast.

Day 3: Sardinia

A day trip to Sardinia's French cousin Corsica to put another tick on your list, and add a French layer to your tan.

Included today:
-Day trip to Corsica

Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

Day 4: Sardinia

Day 2 of laying on a beach in paradise. Bored yet? Not possible. Beware of a possible traffic jam with the island's sheep.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 5: Sardinia

Last day in this Italian paradise - wave goodbye to the sheep before swapping the beach for ancient ruins, and lots of gelato.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch.

Day 6: Sardinia to Rome

Onto the best for a lesson in carbs. We may have a late arrival but for those with the will (and the energy) a pro tip has us in the small streets behind Piazza Navona for a nightcap.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch.

Did you know:
-Wishful thinkers throw about €3,000 into the Trevi Fountain every day so it's illegal to remove coins from it. Not that it stopped the notorious Mr. d'Artagnan. He stole from the fountain for 34 years before he was caught in 2002.

Day 7: Rome

Today is all you. Get up close and personal with the Colosseum or splurge on via del Corso. Step back to 753 BC in one of the world's oldest open-air museums on a walking tour and give that bucket list a workout. Make like Caesar (the emperor, not the salad) and work up a colossus hunger as you pass by the Pantheon, throw your two cents in the Trevi Fountain, sit on the Spanish Steps and visit ancient history's version of the Hunger Games set at the Colosseum. Tonight, you're in Disneyland for foodies. Have fun.

Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

Did you know:
-In Ancient Rome Julius Caesar was pronounced YOO-lee-us KYE-sahr. Get your tongue around that.
-There's a shrine so old in Ancient Rome that even the Ancient Romans couldn't remember it's significance.

Day 8: Rome

Create the ultimate Roman Holiday in one day with a whirlwind of Vespas, espresso, two-cheek kisses and pizza the way it's supposed to taste. Play eye spy with two-and-a-half millennia's worth of history. Then make the most of your last night in the Italian capital. #wheninrome. Shop til you drop on Via Condotti, head to Capitoline Hill for sick views of the Roman Forum and Colosseum or just kick back in Piazza Navona for some dolce far niente (delicious idleness).

Included today:
-Free day
-Day trip to Pompeii & guided tour

Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

Did you know:
-Graffiti from when Pompeii prospered is still visible due to the ruins remaining perfectly intact.
-The world's earliest supposed marketing pun is on a wine bottle retrieved from Pompeii, which has Vesuvinum on it. 'Vesuvius' referring to the volcano and 'Vinum' meaning wine.
-The Vatican releases an annual hotties of the Vatican calendar. Google calendario romano. You will never live to regret it.
-The Vatican is the only city in the world that has an ATM with instructions in Latin. Silices gremiumque in vestri Latinum!

Day 9: Rome to Florence

Check out the home of the Pope, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel (optional) before we head off to Florence.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Did you know:
-One third of the world's art treasures reside in Florence. Maybe get an extra SD card.
-Florence was the first city in Europe to have paved streets. Cobblestones get tiresome after a while.
-After seeing the exquisite beauty of Florence and its art, French author Henri Standahl suffered from dizziness, heart palpitations and panic attacks. It's a medical condition now known as Stendhalismo and was diagnosed as recently as 1982.

Day 10: Florence

Get down with the Renaissance on a walking tour and meet a local artisan. Your mission tonight: hunt down the best aperitivo (Google it).

Meals: Breakfast.

Day 11: Florence to Venice via Pisa

Get THAT shot before we hit the floating (sinking) city of Venice.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Did you know:
-Venice is sinking at the rate of 1-2 millimeters a year, 5 times faster than originally estimated. All the more reason to cross it off your bucket list.
-Gondoliers (of which there are only 400 operating in Venice) go through rigorous training and a tough final exam - about 3-4 licences are distributed annually. No one can say they don't know how to steer.

Day 12: Venice

Tick off the Bridge of Sighs and shoo pigeons in San Marco Square on today's walking tour. Then it's over to you. Don't miss the winning combo of bubbly and peach pure?e, the Bellini was born here.

Meals: Breakfast.

Day 13: Venice to Austrian Alps

An action packed afternoon to work off those Italian carbs. Plus scenery so smashing, it'll leave your jaw sore.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Did you know:
-62% of Austria's total land area is covered by the Austrian Alps. The rest is just covered with ridiculous beauty.
-A 5,300-year-old mummified man was discovered in the Alps in 1991 and scientists have since discovered 19 Tyrolean men alive today to descend from the iceman.

Day 14: Austrian Alps to Swiss Alps via Liechtenstein

Gear up for another day to crane your neck, we're hitting the Swiss Alps next. #YO(de)LO

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Did you know:
-The Dalai Lama owns the smallest vineyard in the world, consisting of three vines, spanning a mere 1.67 square metres. It's in Switzerland too.
-Here in the Swiss Alps you can lease a cow and score all the cheese produced from its milk. Best. Idea. Ever.
-It's illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland. You must have at least two because they like having a buddy (and the Swiss government is sweeter than chocolate).

Day 15: Swiss Alps

A day to hang out in the Alpine village or catch the epic views from the top of Jungfrau mountain. Also: last chance to skydive. Just sayin'

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 16: Swiss Alps to Rhine Valley, Germany

Medieval castles, vineyards and the mighty Rhine River are all up next today. Breathe in as we weave our way through narrow cobblestone streets and tunnels. Besides its obvious appeals - fairytale views over the Rhine, anyone? Half of Germany's wine comes from here. Shame not to try some.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Did you know:
-The longest word published in the German language is Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft (79 letters). Spelling bee, anyone?
-Since 1516 the German Beer Purity Law has ensured that only water, barley and hops be used when making beer. #keepingitreal

Day 17: Rhine Valley to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amster-DAM it's going to be a good day! Start dreaming of cheese, clogs and cheeky cafe stops as we roll through tulip and windmill dotted fields to Amsterdam. Cue liberal views, vintage bikes and fries served with mayo #winning. See the Dam Square, Royal Palace and National Monument.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch.

Did you know:
-The city is built on stilts like Venice but lays claim to having more canals than its Italian counterpart. Stick that in your gondola and smoke it!
-Amsterdam residents slug down an average of 3.2 cups of coffee every single day, putting them just behind Finland in coffee consumption per capita.
-Every year, 12-15,000 bikes are pulled out of Amsterdam's canals. Scrap metal, anyone?

Day 18: Amsterdam

A free day to explore. Hit the Jordaan district to shop vintage between art galleries or kick back in Vondel Park. Don't miss the chance to cruise the canals tonight. Dinner's on us tonight.

Included today:
- Amsterdam bike tour & farewell dinner

Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

Day 19: Amstedam to London, England via Bruges

Grab some chocolate for the homebodies before we cross over to London town.

Meals: Breakfast.

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Leather demonstration in Florence
Local guide in Florence
Dutch cheese & clogs demonstration
Day trip to Pompei & guided tour
Day trip to Corsica

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18 breakfasts (B), 10 lunches (L), 11 dinners (D)
11 nights in European campsites in spacious twinshare dome style tents with air mattresses & 7 nights multishare hostel upgrade
English Channel ferry crossing
Modern airconditioned coach
Guided tours of all major cities
Trip Leader + Driver + Topdeck Chef

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Modern air-conditioned coach, including power points for charging electronics.
During peak season, some coaches will not have Wi-Fi


This tour is suitable for people aged 18-39

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