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Children's Home Volunteer

from £143
Duration: from 3 months to 12 months
Countries: South Africa
This children’s home is a family-run home for abandoned and vulnerable children. Based in the south of Johannesburg South Africa, we rely on volunteers to assist with the babies.

Children's Home Volunteer

As a volunteer you would be intimately involved in daily care and development of every sort of infant, from the fragile premature babies to the rambunctious toddlers.
Childcare includes obvious tasks such as feeding, changing nappies, bathing and cuddling, as well as less obvious tasks like sterilizing bottles and teats; emptying nappy bins; mopping floors; washing, folding and packing away continuous loads of laundry; dispensing medications; nightshifts as well as occasional hospital visits which may involve waits of six to eight hours.

As a volunteer you would be assigned to various nursery duties on a daily schedule. You would be required to work approximately 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. There is a mandatory meeting held once a week where volunteers and management discuss matters relating to the nursery, children and life at TLC.

The task of caring for our babies is demanding, rewarding and immensely satisfying.

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from £143

TLC Children's Home Volunteer


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Our beautiful nursery

Our beautiful nursery

We have a range of caregivers for our babies including permanent staff and volunteers.

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