Race Across Italy in a Rickshaw

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Race Across Italy in a Rickshaw

from £395
Duration: from 5 days to 9 days
Countries: Italy
Up to three people, one rickshaw (200cc engine, three-wheeler, pedal brake and wifi connection!) and Italy to go through! The funniest way to truly visit a country! You’ll love it!

Race Across Italy in a Rickshaw

The GIRA organizes Adventures in Italy riding funny richsaw!

imagine to go through Tuscany or to be on the roads in the Costiera in a sunny day, at 50kmph (when you are lucky, downhill…) while driving a three-wheler. Yes, it looks like this

the GIRA concept it to set a start date, and an arrival place. In the middle no preset routes, or stops or ...nothing. Just you, your friends and the road.

Two kind of adventures:

- Milan - Amalfi (or backward): about 1000 km, and 5 days of excitement

- Milan - Catania (or backward): more than 2000km, and 9 days going through the whole Country!

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Further Details

More information about this gap year opportunity...

Price details:

from £395

what is included

The Rickshaw rental! Undoubtedly, the best vehicle ever!
Basic insurance, covering damage to third parties (but don’t be reckless!) and theft
Wifi connection and GPS on the Rick: we do want all your friends know how brave you are and be part of our supporting team!
A wonderful kick-off party! yes, there will be a party before you start your adventure, an occasion to meet all the other teams and socialize.

what is NOT included

The fuel for the rickshaw. It should be roughly 10 to 15€ per day in average
insurance for damage to the rickshaw. Be carefull, this is a true adventure. Don’t dare destiny
Any kind of support, help, soothing or pampering along the road. No concierge and luggage service (you have to put everything in or over your rickshaw)
Flights, trains or travel arrangements
Food and drinks and lodging.

how to organize your trip

All Adventures are structured the same way.
The eve before the start, The GIRA organizes a party where all the crews can meet, and set up an operative brief. We strongly advise to arrange all the flights, trains or transfer in order to be at the party!For the return, consider to deliver your rickshaws at the arrival by 5PM. You can therefore book a late evening flight or train.

Night accomodations

As you have read and understood what it’s all about, you should know The GIRA is an experience of freedom: no set routes and the possibility to choose to go wherever you like.If you consider to book your accommodation in advance, here some advice:
– You can easily manage driving for 220-250km per days (135-155 miles). The average speed of our three-wheelers is about 45km per hour (28miles per hour)
– Look for blogs and suggestions from people who already travelled with us last summer. You’ll find a lot of tips and addresses and indications. Look for instance on “handluggageonly” blog, or google #thegira
If you don’t need to have everything properly scheduled than wait till last minute and team up with some other crew you’ll meet and then book as you get closer to your daily destination.
You can also consider to sleep in a tent or on a beach!

other costs

there are no other costs from our side.
We only will ask you for a refundable deposit of 1200€.
It is a simple safety procedure for us to guarantee that the rickshaw will be returned in good spirits and conditions.


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Interested in this; ready to enquire?

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