Bolivia Animal Sanctuary Gap Exped

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Bolivia Animal Sanctuary Gap Exped

from £2,456.50
Duration: from 9 weeks to 9
Countries: Bolivia, Peru
Be part of one of the most unique animal conservation projects on the planet. 5 weeks working in the Bolivian Amazon, followed by a 4 week mind blowing expedition through Bolivia and Peru.

Bolivia Animal Sanctuary Gap Exped

Volunteering at our Unique Wild Animal Sanctuaries, Bolivia (5 weeks)

Spend 5 weeks volunteering at some of the most unique wild animal sanctuaries on the planet.  Inti Wara Yassi refuges in Bolivia have been striving to combine wild animal welfare and work with vulnerable children over the past 10 years.  Animals confiscated and rescued from circuses and the pet trade are constantly arriving, and there is always a need for more enclosures to house them.  As most of the animals have been raised by humans from a very young age, re-release is often not an option and there is a need for daily human care and attention.  As a volunteer you will carry out daily animal husbandry tasks.

Exploring the Jungles & Mountains of South America, Bolivia & Peru (4 weeks) 

Your reward after the animal sanctuary project - but don't expect an easy ride!  Trekking though five different climate and altitude zones, rafting down white water rapids, tearing through sand dunes on buggies, climbing glacial peaks, visiting cultures dating back hundreds and even thousands of years.  The expedition is an assault on the senses and with no two itineraries exactly the same, this Gap Year adventure is a mixture of on/off the tourist trail. Machu PIcchu is a must do…  Anything else, you, your group and your team leaders will decide…

Quest Overseas is a proud founding member of the Fair Trade Volunteering Movement - - which ensures overseas volunteering is truly worthwhile for both the volunteers and local communities.

Animal Welfare

Animal Conservation projects overseas can give huge benefit, but if badly managed, can be extremely damaging - do your research and make sure your impact is a positive one!

Quest Overseas guarantees that we will not:

Give false hope or promise anything to a project that we cannot actually do
Put our volunteers at risk, physically or emotionally
Exploit our volunteers- we have no secrets about our aims and long term goals
Drain our Bolivian and Peruvian project partners financially- 100% volunteer expenses covered by the participants, not the local community

What Quest Overseas will do is:

Provide all funds for the construction project to be completed, as well as finance to maintain it into the future
Work directly with our local project partners- only people who live the project can really tell us what the communities need
Provide dedicated project managers who ensure all our volunteers have a responsible and efficient use of time
Give these animals who have suffered so many injustices in their lives, a chance to enjoy a decent quality of life in their natural habitat

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Further Details

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Price details:

from £2,456.50 to £2,890


15% discount for applications confirmed 12 months before departure, 10% discount for applications confirmed 6 months before. Contact the office for more details.


16th March 2017 - 18th May 2017

What's Included?

All food, accommodation, in-country travel and tours whilst away are included in your payment to Quest Overseas


On top of the Quest payment there is also a project contribution of £840 that goes directly to the charity you will be working with

Who's this trip for?

Participants are typically aged between 17-23, from all over the world

Team Sizes

Normally between 6-10 volunteers

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Photo Gallery

Puma and volunteer

Puma and volunteer

As many of the big cats have had human contact since a very young age, being re-released just isn't possible, so regular exercise on their jungle trails is a necessity.
Puma cub

Puma cub

Baby puma, rescued from the illegal pet trade
Orphan howler monkey

Orphan howler monkey

Orphaned howler monkey at the sanctuary


Volunteers helping to construct vital infrastructure at the sanctuaries.
Train graveyard

Train graveyard

Train graveyard on Bolivia's beautiful Salar de Uyuni


Take in South America's stunning Scenery
Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca

Kayaking on Lake Titicaca, one of the highest navigable lakes in the world.
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