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Brazil Favela Restoration Project

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Duration: from 2 weeks
Countries: Brazil
Help this favela community by constructing homes and renovating structures; you will find the work rewarding as you build up a relationship with the local population and make a difference.

Brazil Favela Restoration Project

Embrace the passion and colour of Brazil, when you visit this country of heartbreaking beauty and exotic wildlife. Relax on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro where locals and tourists alike bathe and surf in the warm waters and embrace the scintillating night life. Brazil is without a doubt one of the most bewitching destinations for those on a gap year or year out; it provides vibrant culture with great opportunities to assist worthwhile community development and conservation programs.

Brazil's favelas are home to thousands of underprivileged families, who suffer from poverty, neglect and poor health. Many of the older structures can be unsafe and communities are living in constant fear of their homes being cleared by the Government.


The aim of this project is to help renovate houses, buildings and public spaces for underprivileged Brazilian families in need living in Rio's sprawling favelas. The favela community you will be working in will be home to families of sometimes 10 or more people, living in a hut made from scraps of plywood and canvas with inadequate amenities. These unstable constructions are no force for the elements, often letting in wind and rain, in need of crucial renovation and repairs.

The project is located in a favela community in Rio de Janeiro. You will become a part of the community working closely with like-minded fellow volunteers, construction workers, and local families, giving your time to asssist in different manners of manual labour where necessary. Throughout the project you will meet many welcoming local people and make lots of new friends, all while experiencing and learning about Brazilian culture and its traditions!


Work alongside favela residents to help them realize their dreams. Help paint homes, complete landscaping projects, or support basic construction tasks.  Your manual labor assistance will allow local residents to pursue projects that they’ve been waiting to accomplish for years. Maintaining and enhancing one’s shelter is a basic need that many in this region are unable to attain. Through  your support, you will not only be assisting with diverse manual labor projects, but you will also be implementing a catalyst to help under-served residents achieve home improvement goals that they would otherwise not be able to reach. You do not need any special skills to participate in this program, just willingness and enthusiasm to join some hands-on physical work!

Some of the activities that you may get involved in incude the following:

  • Help implement manual labor projects: painting, landscaping, basic home repair
  • Provide supplies, supporting local residents
  • Prepare and lead favela based community activities
  • Network with local residents and staff
  • Monitor progress and write debriefs

The program also gives you the chance to travel around the communities you are working in, exploring the country whilst getting to know the people you are helping, who will be hard working and incredibly appreciative of your contribution to their community. Although the work may occasionally be arduous, it will be rewarding and fulfilling, giving you an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to make a real difference. Volunteer to help families and communities, and experience the beautiful sights, sounds and tastes that Rio de Janeiro has to offer!

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