Paid Work in Outback Australia

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Paid Work in Outback Australia

Duration: from 3 months to 12 months
Countries: Australia
Work in rural Australia and find a job suited to your skills and interests. Get off the beaten tourist track and get paid to enjoy what the incredible ‘real’ Australia has to offer!

Paid Work in Outback Australia

This programme is for the adventurous! Take part in an amazing introductory course which is designed to give you an overview of many aspects of farm life. The aim of the training week is not to teach you everything that you need to know about farming, but expose you to a range of key work activities that you may encounter at your employment.  You'll also have a lot of fun!

Enjoy a fantastic few days at the beach, farm work introduction, a paid job, and all of your paperwork and travel arrangements organised!

Motorbike safety training

The Programme


This is a 9 day programme that begins in Noosa, a beautiful tourist destination located at the top of the sunshine coast in Queensland. You can recover from jet lag before heading to the farm, and enjoy many of the local tourist activities that this wonderful area has to offer. These include surfing, visiting Fraser Island, river cruising, exploring national parks and day tripping to Australia Zoo.  All your paperwork such as applications for tax file numbers, medicare, sim cards and bank accounts will be taken care of whilst you're lazing in the sun!

Farm course:

You will be exposed to what life is generally like when living and working on a farm. Exciting activities include horse riding, motorbiking riding, tractor driving, chainsawing and cattle work. One of the key aspects of  this programme is safety in the outback. You will be expected to pitch in with duties around the homestead such as washing up, tidying up and making beds. You will help with general outside jobs such as gardening, washing vehicles and feeding domestic animals.

Paid Jobs

The staff will be able to assess your key strengths and skills during the training week and find you a job that matches your abilities and interests. You will be allocated suitable job offers and then you will be given the chance to talk to employers directly. All your travel arrangements will be organised by the staff.

The details:

Most jobs last the season which is a minimum of 3 months.

You are legally able to work with one employer for up to 6 months.

You have membership for 12 months and are able to take a second or third job should you want to.

You can expect to earn a good wage and will have your food and accommodation included. 

Travelling Australia

Use your hard earned cash to enjoy everything that Australia has to offer! Explore the East coast beaches and dive in the Great Barrier reef, trek through Kakadu national park, witness the iconic Uluru rock, and take a photograph of yourself outside the Opera house in Sydney. Don't forget you are stones throw away from New  Zealand, Fiji and South east Asia! Not only will you be able to save some money but create fantastic life long memories!

Fellow course mates

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Further Details

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Price details:


Visa Requirement

You will need to be eligible for an Australian working holiday visa


This is based on the minimum wage with food and accommodation included- pay can be a lot more depending on your skills and experience

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Motorbike safety training
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