Paid Work in the Canadian Rockies

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Paid Work in the Canadian Rockies

from £1,995
Duration: from 16 weeks to 6 months
Countries: Canada
Get a guaranteed job in the hospitality industry organised before you leave home. Work in a hotel in the Canadian Rockies and enjoy skiing and snowboarding on your days off.

Paid Work in the Canadian Rockies

Book now for 2018/19 and 2019/20 and take advantage of our work permit advice!

Fancy working a ski season in The Canadian Rockies? Having a ‘work hard, play hard’ outlook is essential to have in Banff! Oyster offers guaranteed work throughout the entire season with a wage that will let you enjoy and make the most of this impressive experience in one of the worlds top ski resorts. To send you out on your Canadian adventure, we assist you in applying for a Canadian working holiday visa (IEC).

You will work in hotels in Banff in a number of entry-level jobs. These range from cleaning, laundry, waiting on and washing up duties. Oyster will support you throughout your whole programme as will our Banff representative.

Expect to be punctual, smart and polite. Canadian hotels have a reputation for high levels of customer service and they will normally start you off in an entry-level role to see how you perform. If you have particularly good bar or restaurant experience, there is a chance of being offered a job in other duties.

The Pay
You will earn a good and sufficient wage (approx. £7 per hour) which is above the Canadian minimum wage. Applicants find this wage is enough to be able to live comfortably, enjoy going out in Banff and to save money for travelling when they have finished the placement.

Staff accommodation is at the hotel you will be working at (no excuse for being late to work!) Oyster guarantees accommodation along with your job before you leave the UK. Expect to have either a room similar to a university style apartment to a shared bunk. All the rooms have self-catering facilities provided. Cost for your room is the equivalent of 1 hours pay each night. This comes directly out of your pay check every 2 weeks.

What do I get for my money?
This cost to participate in this programme is £2195. The programme includes:
• Mid-week season ski pass for Mount Norquay
• Guaranteed accommodation
• Hospitality job for the season
• Pre-departure briefing and support both in Canada and the UK
• Discounts in town
• Meet-up meals and activities and orientation in Banff

Working in The Rockies for the Ski season is a once in a lifetime experience. People come home saying that it was the best decision they have ever made! Not only is the social life great but the jobs are fantastic too. Working in another country for 6 months will also make you appear more employable on your CV.

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Further Details

More information about this gap year opportunity...

Price details:

from £1,995


approx C$12 (£6.00) per hour

Visa Requirements:

For this programme you will need a Canadian working holiday visa

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