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Nurture Orphaned Monkeys

from £847
Duration: from 2 weeks to 3 months
Countries: South Africa
Volunteer at South Africa’s first primate rehabilitation centre giving abused monkeys and baboons a chance at life in the wild. From feeding baby monkeys to helping with vet procedures!

Nurture Orphaned Monkeys

An inspiring project
This primate rehabilitation centre has an excellent reputation in South Africa and has special accreditation from the government.  You’ll see why when you get there – it really is excellent.  The Centre rescues monkeys from dangerous or abusive situations and prepares them to be released safely into the wild again.  Many of its ‘clients’ are orphaned baby monkeys that require loads of hands-on care.  Others need veterinary care or need to develop their natural skills before being released.  All this is very labour intensive, meaning that highly motivated volunteers will always receive a warm welcome and find plenty to do.
The centre is tucked away in the remote African bush where you can enjoy the peaceful rhythms of rural life. You will be involved in all forms of monkey business including feeding, interacting with and playing with these cheeky creatures.

Volunteering at the Sanctuary

Your role
Expect lots of variety.  There are daily caring tasks such as bottle-feeding the babies and bathing them, preparing food and cleaning the enclosures (usually with a monkey perched on your shoulder!).  You can also get involved in work to stimulate and educate the monkeys, monitoring their progress and helping prepare them for release.  Other jobs include helping with veterinary procedures, tending the vegetable garden or going to collect food from the local farms.

You will instantly become part of a close-knit volunteer group, with a welcoming family feel. Fun and games is had by all, from the monkeys to the baboons to the volunteers.  This project has a really warm and friendly feel and you will never be hugged this much ever again!

You will stay in comfortable cabin-style accommodation on site with all meals provided.  During your time off you can relax by the pool or arrange a trip to nearby Kruger Park.Support

Our UK staff will get you fully prepared beforehand and will be able to advise and help throughout.  Once in South Africa, you’ll be met at the airport and be well looked after by the sanctuary staff too.

Monkeys on the wall

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from £847

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