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Volunteer with sharks - South Africa

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Duration: from 2 weeks to 3 months
Countries: South Africa
Join marine biologists working closely with sharks, going cage diving with them and conducting valuable research into their behaviour. All on South Africa’s glorious Cape coast!

Volunteer with sharks - South Africa

An inspiring project
Sharks have an undeservedly bad reputation, but luckily there are many people who can see their beauty and recognise their vital role in the marine environment.  If that’s how you feel, then you’ll love this project based near Cape Town.  We’ll place you with a team of committed marine biologists who are working to find out more about the local shark population and help stem its decline.  You’ll observe the sharks at close hand and quickly double your knowledge through the educational sessions provided to volunteers. It’s ideal for anyone considering a career in marine conservation – or who simply has a passion for sharks.

Your role
The team run educational boat excursions for tourists in order to be able to support their work.  Part of your role will be to help them deal with the public and man the boat.  It’s a good opportunity to get to know this glorious stretch of coastline and watch the dolphins, penguins and, of course, sharks.

However, the team will also value your help with their research work, monitoring and observing the local shark population.  Some of this will be done from the boat, but you will also be cage-diving in order to get close up to them.  Back at the base, you can help record the findings, analyse data and help out with written tasks such as blogs and marketing.  

The team are keen to develop their volunteers and provide daily lectures to teach you more about the lives of sharks and the conservation issues facing them.  It’s fascinating stuff and also helps you become an effective part of the team, answering questions on the boat and asking the right questions when helping with research.

You’ll live with the other volunteers in comfortable chalets near to the boat station.  It’s a great place to relax at the end of the day with a pool, bbq, internet and tv.  Breakfast is included, as well as occasional lunches.

Our UK staff will get you fully prepared beforehand and will be able to advise and help throughout.  Once in Cape Town you’ll be met at the airport and well looked after by the local staff too.

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from £1,297

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