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Zanzibar veterinary clinic

from £420
Duration: from 2 weeks
Countries: Tanzania
An exciting veterinary placement for everyone including school leavers, pre-vets, vet student and those who just want to help care for animals

Zanzibar veterinary clinic


Sitting in the middle of a spice farm on the tropical island of Zanzibar, just off the coast of Tanzania, is the Zanzibar Veterinary Clinic. Open every day of the week, with a busy walk in clinic on Saturdays, there is never a dull moment.  Whether you are an animal lover wanting to assist with caring for the inpatients, or a vet or student wanting to help and learn from the busy caseload, all are welcome.


above: castrating a cat

The Clinic

The clinic is a hub of activity for local animals requiring treatment. No animal is turned away and patients include donkeys, cows, goats, dogs, cats and birds. As an charitable, self funded non government organisation the clinic aims to:

  •     Establish care, support and animal protection services
  •     Tackle the stray animal population
  •     To stop animal overloading, beating, mishandling and animal cruelty.
  •     Provide education and awareness to local communities

The workload varies through out the week and the year, but generally the vet is busy with spays, castrates, vaccination programs, emergency call outs and routine call outs, as well as dealing with all the animals that are presented to the clinic. Busy Saturday clinics can see over 50 animals visiting the clinic and volunteers assist with this workload based on their experience and training.

There is only basic medical equipment available on Zanzibar, so the style of work  is often a very new experience for people coming from first world countries. The clinic is located in the middle of a spice farm just 20 minutes drive from Stone Town, an UNESCO world heritage site. The team enjoy taking on volunteers and is keen to teach them about veterinary medicine and care. At any one time there are numerous dogs, cats, cows and donkeys which are resident at the clinic. The care of these animals is just one of the jobs our volunteers assist with when they are not busy helping the vet with consults and surgery. 


Above: donkey under intensive care, on a drip at the clinic

Those without prior veterinary training will be be trained by the vet in the following jobs and will then be able to asssit the clinic each day by:

  •     changing bandages
  •     assisting with surgery
  •     providing medication to animals on long term treatment
  •     bathing animals suffering with parasite or skin problems
  •     feeding the cows, dogs, horses and donkeys
  •     asssiting the team with cleaning kennels
  •     nursing sick animals under the vet's guidance
  •     gain a knowledge of fluid therapy and anaesthetic monitoring

Those wanting to study veterinaryor nursing, or students on these courses will work alongside our experienced vet and learn accademic and clinical skills as they do the following: 

  •     participate in supervised surgery with the vet
  •     help spay and castrate animals
  •     develop skills in wound care and management
  •     learn to splint/cast and manage broken legs
  •     scrub into soft tissue surgeries
  •     develop clinical confidence by participating in consultations
  •     understand how to diagnose, manage and treat tick and mosquito bourne diseases
  •     learn to triage emergency cases

above: ultrasounding a pregnant goat

Where you live

Volunteers live on the spice farm, close by to the clinic, in three charming round buildings near the house of the practice manager. You can choose to have your own space (if numbers permit) or share accommodation with friends or other volunteers. Food is not included in the price of the trip, but the fresh sea food, meat and vegetable markets in Stone Town, provide very cheap and delicious ways to cater for yourself, or treat yourself to some of the world’s finest restaurants as you live as a local on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Time off and Zanzibar Isand

On Saturday afternoon and Sundays, volunteers can explore tone town or sunbathe on miles of pristine beach.


What next

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