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Teaching in Tanzania

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Volunteer teaching opportunities in Moshi, Tanzania. Get the chance to volunteer in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Climb the mountain or safari in the Serengeti.

Teaching in Tanzania

There is much need for extra help in Tanzanian schools.  However, it is very important to know where and how to give support.  We do not support government schools as this interferes with the local education system and may reduce the incentive for the government to improve its own educational system, whilst also disrupting the work of the local teachers.  In general we support locally based schools, trying to provide an education to those that would otherwise go without.  We currently have volunteer positions at teaching projects for children of all ages. The nursery schools are run by local organisations trying to prepare the children for primary school by teaching them basics such as reading, writing, Maths, Swahili and English.  Projects working with older children are providing an education to orphaned and disadvantaged children, who otherwise would not be able to attend school.  We do not agree with placing unskilled people into teaching positions, replacing local teachers or disrupting the work of the local teachers. Local teachers are teaching at all of these schools and rather than replace them, we try to enhance their work by taking extra classes and activities, dividing large classes and helping give more individual attention to the children.  Volunteers can also help with one on one tuition for children falling behind.

One of the common difficulties for children in Tanzania is that primary school is taught in Swahili and secondary school in English.  This is obviously a difficult transition, therefore much assistance is required to help children build their English.

Along with formal teaching there are opportunities to pass on other skills to children, such as drama, singing, music, gardening, hygiene and human rights.  Volunteers run skills training and health/life skills tasks at a few projects.

You do not need to be a teacher to help with teaching positions. You can still be a valuable asset when volunteering as a teacher’s assistant, activities director or offering one on one tuition.  Other aspects of teaching projects include work with children with learning difficulties, street children and young people on remand.  Vocational skills are particularly valuable for these placements.

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Born to Learn School, Newlands Village

Born to Learn was created by past volunteers from Hostel Hoff in the village of Newlands.  Volunteers saw the volume of children hanging around the streets and not attending school.  Our volunteers contacted the local church Pastor who kindly offered to provide some classroom space for this project.  There are now approx 80 children (6-10 years old) attending classes every day free of charge.  All older children have secured sponsorship for government and private schools. 

Volunteers are required for teaching, predominately English and Maths classes, therefore qualified teachers are particularly valuable here.  Other volunteers with little or no teaching experience are also welcome to assist in classrooms.  The school is English medium. There is also the opportunity to be involved in the construction work of the new school. Born to Learn ask for certain commitments from volunteers. 

Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need (KYGN)

KYGN is run by a local woman, Anna Maria. The centre was originally established to help vulnerable, ‘at risk’ young girls from the village Mambogini, on the outskirts of town.  Their aim was to improve their prospects, as many turn to prostitution as the only means of making money.  The project has now evolved to work with younger children, teaching them life skills alongside normal subjects such as English, basic reading & writing and Maths.  The school has over 200 students (ages 3-10 years old). There is one nursery class and two primary classes, which are taught in English by local teachers. 

Volunteers are invited to assist the teachers in their daily activities - teaching, games, sports, art, etc.  With so many children the project is in great need of support from volunteers. 

Good Hope Organisation

Good Hope was founded in 2011 and offers an education to children who have failed the primary school standard 7 examination and are therefore no longer able to attend government sponsored school.  The organisation focuses on vulnerable children with challenging backgrounds, whose families cannot afford to pay for them to now go to private school their only option.  The Good Hope team’s aim is to bring the children up to secondary school entry standards and secure sponsors for their secondary education or vocational training.  Currently there are 25 highly motivated and dedicated children between two classes.

Volunteers are needed to assist the local volunteer teachers in class.  Once volunteers feel confident they are encouraged to plan and teach English, Geography or other projects based on subjects of the volunteer’s choice. All volunteer teaching is with translation and overall support. The organization is well run and provides great support to volunteers. The mama’s speak good English and all of the children can communicate in basic English.

Nursery Teaching

There are a number of Nursery schools which are located within walking distance from Hostel Hoff.  They teach 3-7 year olds and the hours are generally 9am-12noon.  This is very basic teaching, mostly English & Math’s.  Learning ABC’s and 123 etc.  The children are lovely, very keen to learn and in a lot of cases, the children who cannot afford the nursery fees are getting free placements. Our nurseries are Vision Trust Nursery School, International School Nursery School/ Daycare Centre, Warm Up Nursery School and Rau Nursery school. Please email for more information about the individual nursery schools.


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