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The Busabout Difference

from £285
Duration: up to 6 months
Countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland
Touring relies heavily on the Guide so our Busabout crew get put through a gruelling 56-day training trip to allow you to experience every destination like a local!

The Busabout Difference

You leave the cinema when the credits start. Why wouldn't you? You don't care who the Assistant Producer's receptionist was. Or who got lazy Owen Wilson out of bed every morning. You've seen your explosions and watched your saucy sex scene; so you're satisfied. It's the same when someone tells you about their trip to Europe. They show you the pictures of the superstar buildings and reveal plots about cuisine and culture. But they never give you the full credits. We understand why. It's because you don't care that your friend's bus was on time every day, or that their Guide gave them awesome tips in Paris. But when you're travelling with us, we know you'll find out the truth.

THE CREW - Dream Makers

Our Guides go through intense training. A two-month whirlwind trip through Europe with exams on the go, and people breaking down and getting sent home. A part of this education is 'party-resilience-training'. They're forced to go out on pub crawls until one in the morning, and then forced to wake up at six without being allowed to sleep on the bus.

This means by the end of it, they can take you out, drink you under the table, groove all night to Daft Punk, and wake up looking fresh as a dewy red rose on a spring morning. And yes, we know we sound like training monsters, but it's worth it to make your trip incredible!


We're realistic, we know our buses are never going to be as sexy as your rich friend's dad's Lamborghini and that no matter how nicely we decorate our vehicles, they're still big buses.

But it's not important, because what matters is what's inside. We know our buses work as well as Lamborghinis, go as fast as Lamborghinis*, and we definitely know you can have just as much fun in the backseats of our buses as you can in the front seat of a Lamborghini!**

*This is technically true, because the speed limits are usually the same for Lamborghinis and buses.
**This is also technically true, unless Lamborghinis are your favourite thing in the whole wide universe.

Action Packed Journeys

There are a lot of companies that love 'small group travel'. But we don't, because if you're stuck with nine people you don't like, it could be awful. Whereas on our 55 seat coaches you can quickly make new friends if you need to, and there's definitely a lot more potential on a 55 seat coach! We've seen a lot of action on our buses; from people changing their entire itinerary to learning new languages and becoming a lot more than 'just friends'! But the point is, on reflection you may even find that these are some of the best times on your trip. It's where you share the stories, catch up on gossip, and read your favourite book!

The Comforts of Home

Europe has some of the most incredible scenery out there, full stop. As we drive through the inspiring sight of the Dolomites, the otherworldly beauty of the Alps or the never-ending Iberian countryside, looking out the window will feel just like watching a nature show in high definition. In the unlikely event you get tired of marvelling at the spectacular views, just sit back and enjoy the comfort of your chair. We have onboard WiFi, safe storage for your bags, and a great selection of travel movies to keep you entertained. It's like being home, away from home, enroute to a place you will probably want to call home!

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Price details:

from £285

Choice & Flexibility on your Itinerary

Pre-plan your trip or book it as you go. NO Hidden fees or extra charges when you change your plans. Guaranteed.

Making friends with like-minded people

Join a network of thousands of like-minded independent travellers and make new friends at every stop.

Security & Comfort when travelling

Modern coaches, fantastic drivers, and your luggage secure. Just sit back and relax!

Convenient & Hassle free

A door-to-door service to our preferred accommodation partners with 100% guaranteed departures. Don’t worry about a cancelled or delayed train again.

Expertly guided

Our guides are at hand to help you whenever you need them. From restaurants to clubs, museums to art galleries, we’ve got the lowdown on them all!


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