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Health Care Services - Volunteering

Duration: from 1 month
Countries: Tanzania
Volunteer opportunities working in Health care services in Moshi, Tanzania. Get the chance to volunteer in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Climb the mountain or safari in the Serengeti.

Health Care Services - Volunteering

There are a number of small clinics and hospitals we work with that are in need of support from volunteers with a medical background, including medical students, doctors, nurses, laboratory technologists and midwives.  Volunteering in this way provides a great opportunity to share skills and gain experience. 

Volunteers wishing to work with young people with disabilities are always welcome, as there are eleven centres in need of support in the Moshi area.  Some centres focus on children with more physical disabilities and others work primarily with mental disabilities such as autism and downs syndrome.

Volunteers are required to play with the children, help with drawing and writing, help with feeding and other daily chores and assist with simple exercises with the physically disabled children.  Occupational Therapists, physiotherapists and volunteers with experience of working with special educational needs are most useful at these centres, however all volunteers with experience of working with disabilities will be welcome.

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St Joseph Hospital

St Joseph’s is a district hospital located in Moshi.  Volunteers can be medical professionals, students or those with a scientific/laboratory background, but as a Government requirement, MUST be either second year students onwards or fully qualified medical professionals.  There are a number of departments at the hospital, including surgical, gynaecology and paediatrics.  Volunteers will be asked to complete 8 hour shifts Monday - Friday alongside the supervision of local doctors.  Dependent upon experience volunteers may also work without supervision.  As such this is fantastic experience for medical students and professionals. A monthly fee of USD$200 is required. This is paid directly to the Hospital Funds are used to finance free or low cost medicine and treatment for at risk and low income women and children under 5 years old. Due to government changes in Tanzania there is now fees also needed to be paid to the government. This varies between medics and nurses. If you are interested in this project please contact us for a more detailed information sheet.

Good Hope Organisation

This organization was founded in 2011 and also undertakes home visits to local teenagers and adults suffering with serious illnesses, providing medical support, physical therapy and counselling. Seminars and information sessions regarding HIV and other serious illnesses are run in local primary schools.  Medical professionals, physiotherapists and those with a healthcare background are welcome to help support this work.

BCC (Building a Caring Community)

This project involves assisting day care centre’s for children with disabilities. The organization has 11 centres around the Kilimanjaro/Moshi region.  Each centre is very small, caring for approx 10 children with mild physical or mental disabilities. There are 2 women working at each centre, but volunteers are required to give extra attention to the children, playing with them and helping with the daily chores.

Despite the hardships these children face, these centres are very happy environments. This opportunity is rare in Tanzania, where children with disabilities are largely neglected.  The centres not only provide a much needed service to these children, but do so in a refreshingly warm and happy environment. The organisation also assists parents with loans so they can go out and start a business whilst their child is being taken care of. The work of the volunteers includes talking and playing with the children, helping with drawing and writing, helping with feeding and other daily chores and assisting with simple exercises with the physically disabled children.  The project welcomes any volunteers; however if you have experience in occupational or physical therapy, this is an added bonus.


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